Monday, May 25, 2009

Hot or Cold Water???

Well we've been called the land of the largest variety of greenery, or shades of green, the land of beautiful women (without a doubt) but we are also the land of many waters. The land of many waters plus towering peaks and deep valleys equals the land of many waterfalls. I have been to so many but there are still a lot on my list that I need to visit while i'm still physically capable.

Just this weekend (sunday) I visited the Trafalgar falls with the friends. I have been there a number of times over the years and I didnt really want to go this time around but this was the easiest hike we could have done with the limited daylight we had (we left home around 3 in the afternoon). Off course, the deal was sweetened when they mentioned they wanted to go to Screw's Natural Hot Water Pools at Wotten Waven. I was just there about a week and a half ago but I can never resist a trip to Wotten Waven when hot water is involved.

This time around we were greeted by a wonderful rainbow at the mother falls. There are three falls (mother, father and obviously the baby). We climbed to the base and had a nice half an hour swim. Anything more than that would be pure torture since the water is as cold or even colder than ice. I am still shivering while typing up this post, lol. But after a little torture one must always pleasure oneself. No, no, no, i wasnt talking about masturbation, well at least not this time, lol. I'm still talking about the hot water bath at Screw's. We paid for an hour's bath (just a small fee of EC$10/local) but stayed almost two hours (Screw's never pays any attention). I wanted to spend the rest of the night but felt that I was slowly been cooked.

For the first time at Screw's I actually went into the cool pool, I was convinced, well actually forced against my will, but it was really good but they should rename it the cold pool because after an hour or so in the hot pools even lukewarm water feels cold to the skin. A visit at Screw's is never complete without a complimentary platter of fruits (pineapple, banana, watermelon and sugarcane or as my friend say sugar sugar.

This ten dollar day at Screw's is really worth much more but I hope he doesn't change the price as I make it a healthy part of my lifestyle to soak in the sulphur waters.

Thanks be to JAH for this Dominican blessing, truly the Nature Island. The Island after God's own heart. Apres Bondie C'est La Ter...