Sunday, September 28, 2008

MY 3's

Category of things about you in answer of 3's, well sort of because i added and subtracted to mine a bit, you can make up your own categories too:

Three Places I have worked (are working): Division of Agriculture, NAYA Inc., National Youth Council of Dominica

Three places I have lived: Dominica (Bath Estate, Citronier, Pointe Michel, Roseau and Bath Estate again, Guadeloupe

Three shows that I watch: ESPN Sportscenter, Pardon the Interruption,

Three places I have been: Japan, Romania, France, Caribbean, Africa, etc

Three people who read my blog often: Maureen, Patricia

Three of my favourite foods: codfish and provisions, fish broth, Dominican pumpkin soup.

Three places I'd rather be right now: Dominica, St. Vincent and Japan (where I am right now)

Three things I am looking forward to this year: Dominica World Creole Music Festival, my birthday (October 12) and visiting St. Vincent

Three things I do in the privacy of my room: write poetry, take care of my aquarium, read books (what were you expecting, lol)

Three sports I play or try to play: Football, Cricket and more Football

Three favourite words or phrases: Basically, look seen, for true den

and the list continues...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Save the Children's Fund Dominica - Help a child through preschool education

Hi everyone!

In the spirit of Dominica's Reunion '08, may I ask that each family living abroad sponsor a child to go to preschool? Many studies have been conducted regarding preschool education. Their conclusions are that preschool education, however limited, is better than none at all.

It costs less than $200 US (100 GBP)/year to send a child to preschool FOR A YEAR.

If you are one of 4 siblings, each of you would contribute $5/month for 2 years. That would pay for preschool and uniforms. It is a 2 year commitment. After that, as a family, you may wish to help cover the cost of books, etc.. as the child attends Primary school, which is free.

The child you sponsor would be able to write to you - it be would great if you could write back and build a long term relationship with them. If we have 100 families who choose to participate, ONE HUNDRED CHILDREN will go to preschool. Our future ministers may be among these children. These children may be governing our country if/when we choose to retire there.

If you are not willing or able to sponsor a child yet, feel free to make a donation to the fund to assist in the process of helping our children have a better life.

Dominica's Reunion '08 is not just about the next fete - the best rum punch - the flashiest outfit - the most bling.

Where is our collective responsibility as a nation to bring each other up in the world? How many children can we educate? If we wait for government assistance for everything, we will continue to move at the same pace.

If you wish to help, please contact Doreen Francis @ The Dominica Save The Children Fund as follows:

If you don't get a response, please persist because they have server issues from time to time. Please be patient - it's worth it!

I am forwarding this message from a fren because i intend to support this venture and i am hoping that i can also encourage other Dominicans (in and out of Dominica) and well wishers to assist.

I am also doing it because i benefited from this fund as a teenager during my years at the Dominica Grammar School. At the time i took the assistance for granted but right now i realize it did make a difference to have my sponsor. I remember writing letters and sending photos and being excited about recieving replies. I also remember losing interest, i wonder if they would still have the contact of my sponsor, i would love to let them know that their money didnt go in vain and i actually turned out alright, if i might say so myself.

And now the shoe is on the other foot, it is now my turn to assist and i will be pledging my funds and efforts in this venture as soon as i get back to DA. I will also rally other young persons to assist through my social/professional networks.

Please assist as well, every dollar counts and makes the difference, it did in my life.
Thank you.

The Hunger Poem

let the poem speak for itself, i dont have much else to say:

The Hunger Poem by Delroy "Nesta" Williams

The screams of the poor
are whispers to the world,
Hear their Voices.
Like howling wolves over distant lands
but coming from our back yards,
hearken to the needy
make the right choice.

Stop pretend that the poor and hungry speak in foreign tongues,
the signs of the times is our universal language;
time to act, initiate the reversal,
think global but begin local.
It's not too late, the sun still shines on today
and the moon of the night will point us the way.

Just open your eyes
let your heart speak for your mouth,
fighting world hunger, poverty
that's what it's all about,
seeds sown on fertile ground
are sure to sprout.
Come on now; join the fight
not for wars of mass destruction
but a crusade for nourishment and nutrition

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New and Used Books for Kids - please donate

A month ago, my 9 yr old asked to donate her used books to Roseau Primary school. I was very surprised - she hates to part with her prized possessions. Then she asked if we could encourage more children to do so. She started "Kiera's Kids Book Club" to encourage people to donate new and used books.

I have received messages from Delroy @ the National Youth Council to help organize and distribute the books once they get to DA. Thanks Del!

In the course of the last month, we have collected close to 300 books. Yesterday, I received a message from a wonderful young lady, Arlene Alexander who works for a publishing company. She has BOXES & BOXES of books. Thanks Arlene.


If you are in the US and wish to send books, which I will ship directly to DA, please ship to:

c/o The Granite Shop, 1124 Harpeth Industrial Court, Franklin, TN 37064

I am seeking help of shippers - freight forwarders - ANYTHING! There has to be a way for us to come together to get these books to kids in DA, please.

To send books from any other part of the world - DIRECTLY TO DA - please send to:

The National Youth Council is:

15 Bath Road, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
Attn: Delroy Williams
West Indies 00109-8000

It may be tough times right now, but I'm sure that we can do this - PLEASE HELP!If a 9 yr old thinks we can do this, let's show her that we can rise to the challenge.

P.S.: Any other publishers out there? We'll take one or one THOUSAND BOOKS please :)God Bless.

What's in my cd player right now

I'm taking a moment to laugh a bit cause i dont really have a cd player but i listen to music from my laptop, either way it plays music right?

I have a diverse collection of music from Caribbean soca, calypso, bouyon, zouk, cadence, reggae, dancehall and Hip Hop as well. My range of international music isn't much besides a few french songs that i fell in love with, well actually just one song, lol.

But right now, I've gone a little old school, well its old school in Hip Hop, but when we think of old school music, it's not that old. I've been listening to Lauryn Hill's first album "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill." I actually have all her solo albums and none of the Fugees group efforts, i dont know why though.

I remember when this album just came out, i had it on cassette and i played it everyday for months. There was this neighbour of mine in Pound, Kennedy Avenue, where i lived at the time, who i had a crush on, for the purpose of protection i wont disclose who she is and i played and sang that album to her every day, through her windows though, u know how Pound is, every house is so close you can hear what people are saying in their house. So this love continued for months. Anyways, to cut a long story short, it didnt work out, teenage crushes or love stories hardly ever do anyway.

Just a few weeks ago, i heard one of her songs and immediately it brought me back to those moments too, so i went on my laptop and downloaded the album, off course by now, cassettes are almost obsolete, so i wont be caught dead with one, lol. So again, ive been playing the album almost daily, feeling the positive vibes too.

My favourite songs on the album, although i like them all, are:
To Zion
Lost Ones
When it hurts so bad
Forgive them Father
Every Ghetto, Every City
Nothing even matters

aye, i said i liked them all, lol. That's what i call a classic album when you can put it in and just press play and not have to skip a song because every one of them is enjoyable and you replay each song two or even three times because you dont want the moment to end. So right now that's what i am listening to and my favourite of favourite songs is playing:To Zion,and my favourite verse just passed too (gonna play it again too):

Unsure of what the balance held
I touched my belly overwhelmed
By what I had been chosen to perform
But then an angel came one day
Told me to kneel down and pray
For unto me a man child would be born
Woe this crazy circumstance
I knew his life deserved a chance
But everybody told me to be smart
Look at your career they said,"Lauryn, baby use your head"
But instead I chose to use my heart

I like that verse because i too feel that my mother chose to listen to her heart, thank God she didnt have an abortion, thank God.


Quote of the week: Jetzzz's style...

Quote of the week:

I decided to add a new category to my blog and bless everyone with the quotes that i live by, follow, find or develop myself and off course also give insight into what i believe they mean and the impact they have or can have on my life. This is also in hope to assist my readers in pattern their lives after positive thoughts.
This week's quote, the first of many more, comes from Japan. I have found a love for this country and its leaders, historians, rituals, beliefs and customs. It is alot different from what i have experienced coming from a small Caribbean island, Dominica, but i can still relate to alot of the teachings and every day i marvel at how constructive and detailed and at the same time very simple life can be for a Japanese.

The first quote comes from Nitobe, Inazō agricultural economist, author, educator, diplomat, and politician during Meiji period and Taisho period Japan. He spent his life working towards peace and diplomacy and unto his death left a trail for others to follow. More information about him can be found at Wikipedia.

His quote that i choose to highlight in this blog is "To live is to work for others: To die is to do nothing. Self renunciation is the beginning of life."

Off course, i had already realised that a life of service to others is the best life someone can live, hence why i am so involved in community, service groups as well as my field of work (agriculture). I am not the one to point fingers at persons and tell them what they should or shouldn't be doing because i believe that one's conscience should be their guide but every now and then i wish some people could show some compassion, assist someone in need, just give a helping that. That gesture could go a long way in saving lives both directly and indirectly. I think it was Tupac who said that he may not save the world but he guarantees that he would spark the mind of someone who did or something like that.

But just to get back to my original quote, it is quite simple, we begin to truly live life when we serve others and i'm living life right now and encouraging others to do the same.
Other Quotations from him include:
"What is important is to try to develop insights and wisdom rather than mere knowledge, respect someone's character rather than his learning, and nurture men of character rather than mere talents."

"If there is anything to do, there is certainly a best way to do it, and the best way is both the most economical and the most graceful."
Until next week's quote: be good, do good.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dominican beauty wins Caribbean World crown

Another reason to be proud of Marah and off course to boast my country, Dominica - Nature Island of the Caribbean, no other island to compare for her beauty is rich and rare (Marah's too), here is the story as reported from

Miss Dominica Marah Walter Crowned Miss Caribbean World 2008. The Miss Caribbean World Pageant 2008 judges had a hard task ahead of them last Saturday evening as 18 lovely Caribbean beauties graced the stage at the Multipurpose Sports Complex, vying for the prestigious title.

At the end of a long and entertaining evening, it was the delegate from the Nature Isle Dominica Miss Marah Walter who walked with the crown as the new Miss Caribbean World 2008.

Miss Walter was crowned by the 2007 Miss Caribbean World, Miss BVI Leilani Stevens who made her final walk as Miss Caribbean World earlier in the evening.

The 21 year old Miss Marah Walter was judged Best Swimwear, Best Talent, Best Evening Wear, Best Costume and was also awarded Miss Popularity.

First runner up went to Miss Grenada Ahyana Bowen who was also judged Miss Intellect. Second runner up went to Miss Barbados Marquel Clarke, third runner up Miss BVI Maquita Alexis Richards and fourth runner up Miss Antigua and Barbuda Delvanice Michelle Williams. Miss Jamaica Janella Lewis was awarded Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality.

BVI Platinum News spoke with the newly crowned Miss Caribbean World, Miss Dominica Marah Walter on Saturday evening. The excited Miss Dominica said her goal was to be consistent throughout the pageant and she was. She said she enjoyed the entire show, particularly the evening wear segment, pointing out that she modeled her evening gown a lot because “no matter how the dress looks, it is you who must make the dress come alive”. Miss Walter told BVI Platinum News that although she was the last delegate to arrive in the Territory and it was a bit tiring, she enjoyed the Island. The 21 years old who is employed as a Clerical Assistant at the Dominica Social Security said her main focus is to work with the youth and less fortunate and assist with the social ills of her community.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


This poem was inspired by a conversation that i had with my Jamaican fren (Llorane Forsythe). It took only about ten minutes for me to write, i guess she just brought out the emotions i had inside me. Oh and i just wrote it so its fresh from my mind. Hope the readers like it too:


By Delroy Nesta Williams

My eyes are dry
No tears to cry
Nothing to sooth this pain inside
To comfort my fears
When I need you
Why are you not there?

A long time coming
Cheeks: a desert in wanting
It’s been so long
This thirst in need of quenching
I’m afraid I’ve forgotten how
Eyes, my heart pays for your sin
For you provide its soothing

Now even my mouth is ashamed of speaking
For it words can’t comfort my heart
Calls for attention to its pain
The mouth sings my hearts refrain
And my ears pass on the note
But my eyes won’t oblige
For its been so long since it has cried

D/can Creole Poetry

This poem is by a D/can poet and it is written in creole but also making available the english translations for those who cant understand creole. The true essence of it is in the french creole though so hope it is enjoyed as much as i enjoyed reading it. Also feel free to compliment the writer (Spags) at the Dominican Diaspora website

So now here it is:

Donmnitjen tan la wivé
Fo nou asiz katjilé
Kouman nou k’alé fè
Donmnik satisfè
Dé twa lanné ja pasé
Dépi andépandans I tapé
Difikilté nou jwenn
Kon nou ladjé lawenn
Anba David nou fini bat
Tout biten tonbé plat
Mové chimen nou maché
Mé nou té anba lanmen bondyé

Donmnitjen sé fo nou fè
Sa ki méwité
Pou nou maché épi dignité
Lanmou épi santé
Ansanm nou ni pou désidé
Divizyon nou ni pou ladjé
Divizyon pa ka fè sans
Lanmou nou ni pou bay on chans
Tèt a tèt nou ni pou twavay wèd
Pou ba donmnik bon diwèksyon
Epi konfidans nou ka di
Donmnik sé on bèl péyi

Donmnitjen nou byen benni
Tout biten Donmnik ni
On péyi ki tanman bèl
Epi zanfan byen natiwèl
Adan on lòt tan nou k’ay maché
Nou pa sav sa nou k’ay tapé
Zyé-nou ni pou ouvè
Pou mété Donmnik an bon chimen
Ansanm nou ni pou pwépawé
Epi envité Papa Bondyé
Pou édé nou fè disizyon
Ki ké ba Donmnik satisfaksyon

And now for the translation:

Donmnitjen tan la wivé ….Dominicans the time has come
Fo nou asiz katjilé…..For us to sit and think
Kouman nou k’alé fè….how we are going to make
Donmnik satisfè…..Dominica Satisfied
Dé twa lanné ja pasé…..A few years have passed
Dépi andépandans I tapé…..Since it got independence
Difikilté nou jwenn……Dificulties we met
Kon nou ladjé lawenn…..As we let go the Queen
Anba David nou fini bat…..Under David we got blows
Tout biten tonbé plat…..Everything fell flat
Mové chimen nou maché…..Bad road we walked
Mé nou té anba lanmen bondyé…..But we were under God hands

Donmnitjen sé fo nou fè…..Dominicans, we need to do
Sa ki méwité….What is right
Pou nou maché épi dignité….For us to walk with dignity
Lanmou épi santé….Love and health
Ansanm nou ni pou désidé….Together we have to decide
Divizyon nou ni pou ladjé…Division we have to let go
Divizyon pa ka fè sans….Division does not make sense
Lanmou nou ni pou bay on chans….Love we have to give a chance
Tèt a tèt nou ni pou twavay wèd….Head to head we have to work hard
Pou ba donmnik bon diwèksyon….To give Dominica good direction
Epi konfidans nou ka di….With confidence we will say
Donmnik sé on bèl péyi….Dominica is a beautiful country

Donmnitjen nou byen benni….Dominicans, we are well blessed
Tout biten Donmnik ni… Dominica has everything
On péyi ki tanman bèl….A country very beautiful
Epi zanfan byen natiwèl…And children with love
Adan on lòt tan nou k’ay maché…..As we walk towards the future
Nou pa sav sa nou k’ay tapé…..We don’t know what we are going to meet
Zyé-nou ni pou ouvè….Our eyes we have to open
Pou mété Donmnik an bon chimen…To put Dominica on good road
Ansanm nou ni pou pwépawé….Together we have to prepare
Epi envité Papa Bondyé…And invite Father God
Pou édé nou fè disizyon….To help us make decisions
Ki ké ba Donmnik satisfaksyon….That will give Dominica Satisfaction.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My TIG Story

Report of a telephone interview that i did some months ago with Takingitglobal, a website for youth interaction and development
Delroy Nesta Williams (Sewotoy)
Male, 27 from Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
Joined TIG: October 5, 2004

My name is Delroy. I was born in the small capital of Roseau, in the Commonwealth of Dominica. My mother was 15 and my father was 18 when I was born, so I was raised by my grandmother. I was lucky enough to be sponsored by the Dominica Save the Children fund, which paid for my high school fees and books, and enabled me to receive quality education. In high school, I got involved with youth groups, and that’s also when I really took an interest in environmental and agricultural issues. I received a French government scholarship to study at a college in Guadeloupe, and while I was there, I joined a group called Club d’Afrique.

With this group, we went to Benin where we visited a number of villages, schools and youth groups. This experience had a big impact on me because before, I had thought that I was really poor and helpless, but in Benin I saw so many people who were much less fortunate than me. This really propelled me to get involved in development activities in my country and as much as possible in the Caribbean, and internationally.

Today, I am a member of the National Youth Council of Dominica, where we are currently focusing on encouraging social dialogue among Dominican youth on the issues that are plaguing our country. I am also involved with the National Association of Youth in Agriculture of Dominica, because we need to promote agriculture to young people to ensure food security, especially in our country. I am also an active member of several environmental groups, including the Dominica Youth Environment Organization, where we are doing a number of things to raise awareness of environmental issues among young persons in my country.

I first learned about TakingITGlobal at a workshop in Holland organized by the CTA (Centre technique de coopération agricole et rurale). A member from Nigeria did a presentation on TakingITGlobal, and as soon as I got back home, I went through the site, joined and became an active member.

I really get inspired when I see other people doing wonderful work toward improving their communities, and I want to emulate their initiatives. TIG has really inspired and motivated me in this respect: not only has it allowed me to better understand international issues like climate change, HIV/AIDS, and the ethics behind diamonds, I can also see that other young people all around the world are concerned about issues and are taking action. We can share information with others and broaden our own way of thinking through discussion and debates on TIG. For me, dialogue and self expression is very important to spreading information. Recently, we launched Youth Voices, an online newsletter focused on agriculture in the Caribbean. Youth Voices allows young people to write articles on agricultural issues, share their ideas and activities, and promote their projects, and it was partly inspired by the Panorama magazine.

TIG also informs youth about opportunities to get involved in their communities, and this is the part of TIG I really like. I wanted to engage more youth from my country, so I was promoting local issues, organizations, projects and events in Dominica through TIG tools and resources. I also like finding out about local opportunities through TIG and how I can be more personally active. For example, once I was browsing the TIG website and I saw an activity related to HIV/AIDS in my country that I didn’t even know about, and I immediately got involved. Afterwards, with my organization, we organized several camps in rural areas to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and different environmental issues. By providing information about something that was happening locally in Dominica, TIG assisted me in not only getting involved in that one initiative, but also in spreading my own activities within my country.

TIG also provides further opportunity for local and global engagements by connecting members and organizations. I have received a number of queries from groups regarding opportunities for global partnerships. Recently, a group in the USA contacted me to inquire about doing a project on human rights with the National Youth Council in Dominica. In addition, I communicated regularly with a Jamaican member on TIG about environmental issues. I actually met her in person at a workshop on climate change and sustainable development in the Caribbean. After exchanging a lot of ideas in person, she then convinced a development organization to organize a workshop on environmental law in Dominica and contacted me to facilitate this workshop! So as a direct result of our interaction on TIG, we were able to hold this workshop last November in my country.

As a website that allows youth from various corners of the world to network and to dialogue on world issues, TakingITGlobal is strongly becoming the site that I rely on for information and for discussion. The fact that the site is accessible in 12 languages really astonishes me. But the youth on TIG aren’t only discussing about local and global issues, they’re also contributing themselves to improving their communities, and that’s really inspirational.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sushi anyone?

If you ask anyone when they think of Japan what food they think of? the immediate answer would be sushi, the raw fish, rice and other foods delicacy known the world over. So today, i had a chance to take a short sushi class at a high school as part of our visit to Japan to look at agriculture and rural development.

So on arriving at the school, we had an introduction with principal and staff, then a welcoming party put on by staff and students. Following this we were welcomed into the kitchen where a professional chef awaited us.We were given specially designed aprons and headties, i got mine signed by some students after the class. The Chef then quickly demonstrated the basics to making sushi and before you know it we were all busy making sushi,

I must say it is an acquired taste, well at least for me, i tasted what i made, what the chef made and just couldnt come to grasp with eating raw seafood but i must say the process was totally worth it. I would do it again, i just wouldnt taste it after im done.

Anyways, plans are on the way for me to open my sush restuarant in Dominica when i get back home, lol, just kidding, dont think that would catch on in my island.

Until next time though, Arigato gozimas (jus a lil thing i learnt)


Walk for Education video

I just checked out the video for the "Walk for Education" activity that was organized by the National Youth Council of Dominica and the Dominica Reunion 2008 Office. As usual, the politicians were the ones highlighted however it didnt detract from the moment and significance of encouraging D/cans to contribute to the fund.

It was maybe one of better activities so far, and i say that with my bias because i was involved in the planning and execution and because i am the President of the Youth Council. Just want to again thank all D/cans who participated, contributed or supported in whatever way possible. Our job isnt done yet, the Education Trust Fund still needs assistance and for further information you can always contact the office of the National Youth Council of Dominica at or telephone number 448 6944.

Any other ideas or concerns for youth activities and developed can also be given to us as we are very receptive, ready and willing to assist in the various ways that we do.

Check out the video on the Diaspora-Dominican website by clicking here


NYC President

Monday, September 15, 2008

Viewing Miracle Lake, Dominica

jus want to share a pic that i took out at Miracle Lake in Dominica on Sunday 7, September 2008, the day before i left for Japan. That was one nice experience and just the thing i needed to get me missing DA. I am now in Japan and i cant wait to get back home. The experience in Japan so far is a good one. Im taking some nice pics too, mainly of myself and the other Dominican on the trip so hopefully i will share them soon.

To get back to the Lake now, for those who dont know the story:

One of the newest natural wonder on Dominica is the Miracle Lake. This lake came into being 1997. The local people also call it the Holy Lake, because it`s genesis began on Sunday and went on for seven days. Originally the whole territory was a plateau till this Sunday in May of 1997. In the night a gigantic underground cave began to collapse, the ground level sank for approximately 100 meters and built within the seven days the Miracle Valley which filled with water afterwards.

Today`s natural wonder was a catastrophy for the farmer. Nearly all his plantations got damaged within seven days. The conclusion is that the Miracle Valley and Lake are situated on the private property and can only be visited with a permission of the owner. Besides it would be very dangerous to look for the way down to the lake on your own, as the land is still moving and it leads approximately 100 meters down in a very steep and slippy trail.
I didnt make it to the shores of the Lake because of the weather but im sure i will be back sometime soon because i just want to feel that green water between my fingers. Im hoping that my environmental group (Dominica Youth Environment Organization) who organized the visit will also come along for that one as well when we descend Miracle Valley.

Monday, September 8, 2008

to the Land of the Rising Sun I go

Im on my way to the Land of the Rising Sun, well at least i will be on my way come this time tomorrow. I am so fortunate to see many parts of the world, what an interesting life i live, although sometimes i feel like my life is stagnant and boring, but i think that millions of people would probably love the opportunity to go to Japan so i'm making the most of it.
I wont be the only Dominican or West Indian, as we will be attending a month-long Youth Leaders in Agriculture (Rural Development) workshop which is being sponsored by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). They have a long list of training programs and have offices in most developing countries, so if you're interested you can probably do an internet search and find out more info.

I will try my best to get as much pics of Japan as possible, even if my digital camera isnt working right now (the thing got issues, i swear it is a female, lol).

For now, i am just putting the final things in place, already got my ticket, will be going through barbados and trinidad to pick up my respective visas, then off to canada (ontario and vancouver) then to Japan.

Wish me the best as i go in search of saki and kobe (i think that is how it is spelt) beef.