Saturday, September 20, 2008


This poem was inspired by a conversation that i had with my Jamaican fren (Llorane Forsythe). It took only about ten minutes for me to write, i guess she just brought out the emotions i had inside me. Oh and i just wrote it so its fresh from my mind. Hope the readers like it too:


By Delroy Nesta Williams

My eyes are dry
No tears to cry
Nothing to sooth this pain inside
To comfort my fears
When I need you
Why are you not there?

A long time coming
Cheeks: a desert in wanting
It’s been so long
This thirst in need of quenching
I’m afraid I’ve forgotten how
Eyes, my heart pays for your sin
For you provide its soothing

Now even my mouth is ashamed of speaking
For it words can’t comfort my heart
Calls for attention to its pain
The mouth sings my hearts refrain
And my ears pass on the note
But my eyes won’t oblige
For its been so long since it has cried

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Maureen said...

I have read all your poems on this blog. They are absolutely brilliant..!!! You write so beautifully. You should write a book with all your poems. I for one would be the first to buy it.

Keep doing what you doing, all the success for the future. You deserve every accolade that comes your way...