Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sushi anyone?

If you ask anyone when they think of Japan what food they think of? the immediate answer would be sushi, the raw fish, rice and other foods delicacy known the world over. So today, i had a chance to take a short sushi class at a high school as part of our visit to Japan to look at agriculture and rural development.

So on arriving at the school, we had an introduction with principal and staff, then a welcoming party put on by staff and students. Following this we were welcomed into the kitchen where a professional chef awaited us.We were given specially designed aprons and headties, i got mine signed by some students after the class. The Chef then quickly demonstrated the basics to making sushi and before you know it we were all busy making sushi,

I must say it is an acquired taste, well at least for me, i tasted what i made, what the chef made and just couldnt come to grasp with eating raw seafood but i must say the process was totally worth it. I would do it again, i just wouldnt taste it after im done.

Anyways, plans are on the way for me to open my sush restuarant in Dominica when i get back home, lol, just kidding, dont think that would catch on in my island.

Until next time though, Arigato gozimas (jus a lil thing i learnt)


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