Friday, September 26, 2008

Save the Children's Fund Dominica - Help a child through preschool education

Hi everyone!

In the spirit of Dominica's Reunion '08, may I ask that each family living abroad sponsor a child to go to preschool? Many studies have been conducted regarding preschool education. Their conclusions are that preschool education, however limited, is better than none at all.

It costs less than $200 US (100 GBP)/year to send a child to preschool FOR A YEAR.

If you are one of 4 siblings, each of you would contribute $5/month for 2 years. That would pay for preschool and uniforms. It is a 2 year commitment. After that, as a family, you may wish to help cover the cost of books, etc.. as the child attends Primary school, which is free.

The child you sponsor would be able to write to you - it be would great if you could write back and build a long term relationship with them. If we have 100 families who choose to participate, ONE HUNDRED CHILDREN will go to preschool. Our future ministers may be among these children. These children may be governing our country if/when we choose to retire there.

If you are not willing or able to sponsor a child yet, feel free to make a donation to the fund to assist in the process of helping our children have a better life.

Dominica's Reunion '08 is not just about the next fete - the best rum punch - the flashiest outfit - the most bling.

Where is our collective responsibility as a nation to bring each other up in the world? How many children can we educate? If we wait for government assistance for everything, we will continue to move at the same pace.

If you wish to help, please contact Doreen Francis @ The Dominica Save The Children Fund as follows:

If you don't get a response, please persist because they have server issues from time to time. Please be patient - it's worth it!

I am forwarding this message from a fren because i intend to support this venture and i am hoping that i can also encourage other Dominicans (in and out of Dominica) and well wishers to assist.

I am also doing it because i benefited from this fund as a teenager during my years at the Dominica Grammar School. At the time i took the assistance for granted but right now i realize it did make a difference to have my sponsor. I remember writing letters and sending photos and being excited about recieving replies. I also remember losing interest, i wonder if they would still have the contact of my sponsor, i would love to let them know that their money didnt go in vain and i actually turned out alright, if i might say so myself.

And now the shoe is on the other foot, it is now my turn to assist and i will be pledging my funds and efforts in this venture as soon as i get back to DA. I will also rally other young persons to assist through my social/professional networks.

Please assist as well, every dollar counts and makes the difference, it did in my life.
Thank you.


Maureen said...

I am definitely interested in this cause...especially now I know you are a prodigy of the Dominica Save the Children Fund.

I am very impress with your talent, achievements & all the work you do with the youth. Our Dominican children are the future & in my eyes you are the perfect role model.

I have emailed Doreen Francis my interest, awaiting her reply.

Peace & Love...

Mekeysha said...

you so help full and love how u take the time out to help youth in ur country and know have alot looking up too or or well look up to you.

keep it up cause i know the good lord will bless you