Sunday, July 7, 2013

Value Your Vagina - the poem

Disclaimer:  This poem contains local vernacular which may be deemed as graphic descriptions of the human (male and female) anatomy; and may not be suitable for minors.

Value your vagina
Delroy N. Williams

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies
I not sure what you would want me to call it
Vagina, coocoolux, sousoon or pussy
But allu need to value it.
Too many women just offering up de cyat for a few cents
Let “men” work for de kehkeck
A meal at KFC,
A BlackBerry!
Gives direct entry to your punanny?
Sometimes with no condom
So is skin to skin friction
Leading to greater affliction
I not talking bout only de HIV infection
It have syphilis, gonorrhea an’ crabs
All kinda tings you could contract!
If de poupouse could talk,
Den what would it say?
Cuz de man doh care much about what becomes of your cyat, after dat
He just wants his 5, 4, 3 sometimes 2 minutes of joy
You done fall victim to his ploy
He walks away after another conquest
With dis ear-to-ear kinda smile
And you alone leff to take the morning after pill
Or deal with a pickney after 9 months
Poor little Gina
Started working 8 to 4
As soon as de young girl stepped outta her mamma’s door
Becuz raging hormones an’ peer pressure
Got little lady feeling left behind
Wanting to be big woman.
Before she 12, she developing curves an’ bumps,
So she feels she needs to open her legs an’ get humped.
For her, it’s difficult to wait
Cuz all her friends in it
And if their poloos in tact
Why should hers disintegrate from a lack of sex?
But she doh see de big picture
This kakalak should be treated like a Cadillac
And not the Nissan Sunny
Dat providing ride for everybody!
Aint it funny, though
Dat dose friends who influenced her
Will chit chat at her back
Once de pumpum gets turned up.
And dat poke will never be the same
Salt water an blue soap cyah help fix
What the tongue of man has broken
So young lady think of abstaining
Take your time before you rush in
To somethin dat you jus cyah handle
Cuz a stiff cock has no conscience
An’ a loose pussy no lock!