Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dear Dominicans part ONE

Dear Dominicans 

Haitians are people too! Just thought you all should know that and recognize them for who they are. 

Dear Dominicans 

Haitians aren't the only people who use obeah/voodoo as a cultural practice. Dominicans do it too. And yes, it is a part of our culture as well...

Check for yourself, I did!

Dear Dominicans 

Haitians aren't the only people who travel to other countries in hopes of betterment for themselves and their families. Just take a look at Guadeloupe, Antigua, St. Martin and the Virgin Islands, riddled with Dominicans who are doing the same. And yes some of these Dominicans get involved in wrongdoing, doesn't mean that all the nationals are bad people... Just like the Haitians as well...  

Dear Dominicans 

Haitians aren't taking over agriculture and other professions. These are the careers and jobs that you've neglected and belittled. In truth, Haitians are pulling up the slack where you dropped it, be thankful! 

Dear Dominicans 

Haitians are opening up businesses here, there and everywhere. This isn't a bad thing. It's actually a very good thing since a lot of Dominican youth prefer to sit idly by on the blocks and wait for handouts. Yes, I said it... Don't like it? Sue me!

What we need to do is emulate the entrepreneurship spirit!!! 

Dear Dominicans 

Haitians aren't the only ones "taking over" because while we complain about how hard everything is, we've been having droves of Haitians, Chinese and Dominicans (the other Dominica) working and even thriving here... You know why, because they don't mind leaving their comfort zone to actually work! 

Dear Dominicans 

This post isn't really about Haitians, it's actually about YOU... 

Time to pull up your socks!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Love On The Run

By Delroy Nesta Williams

Strange, this feeling I'm feeling
You may belong to another
But that can't keep me from yearning
For you touch, your kiss and your loving
I know it must feel wrong to you to act on this emotion
But wrong never felt this good and put me in such an ecstatic mood
So I'm biting the bullet and hoping for the best
Let's see how long we could keep this a secret
From your friends, family and your boyfriend
I'm taking this to the grave, I'm with you until the end
Late night rendez-vous, from midnight til half past two
Would love to wake up in your arms to greet the rising sun
But we both know that we can't have it all
So right now I'm simply content to have some love and lust on the run
Like two teenagers, we're just having fun
No one to point fingers and to cast blame
No guilt and no shame in this game
Of love, lust, just two bodies wanting each other
Lovers in the dark, but in daylight content to be strangers
Who knows what's next
As we make our way through life's maze
But one thing is for sure we will always have these memories
Moments to keep me warm when I'm alone
Something to look back on and smile when I'm old
As I remember the first time you let me close
The look in your eyes and the nervous excitement
As I leaned in for the kiss
Your lips barely parted when we started
But I lit a fire in your soul
And pretty soon, you were the one losing all forms of control
Digging your nails into my skin
While I'm praying God forgives us for this sin
Since that moment we've been running on pure emotion
If we stop and think that will ruin everything
And I hope you don't see the worry in my eyes or read the danger in my thoughts
Because, I honestly don't want us to stop
This may lead to the detriment of you and I
But what's lust if love is blind?
I see more clearly with my eyes closed to this world so full of judgment
So let's pay them no mind
We will deal with the end when it gets here
Because in my heart of hearts I know this can't last forever
But I won't walk away if you promise me you'll always stay
Even if the world discovers what we keep under covers
I can survive though the pain if I have to
I just can't survive if we stop now and don't see this thru.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Something About Nesta

by Delroy Nesta Williams

There something about me
That I can't put my finger on
I'm hoping that you can tell me
Release me of this mystery
That keeps me up at night
I can't seem to get things right
I talk a good talk
But when I'm around her
I mess up all my words
I get so damn nervous
And hours later
When I'm all alone
I figure out all the right things I wanted to say
And every sentence that she uttered
Stayed etched in my brain
And plays over and over, like a gospel refrain
Honestly, she has the most beautiful of smiles
Formed by those beauty-full lips
That sometimes part ways
To let out that simple giggle
The one that makes me weak in the knees
She has that twinkle in her eyes when she speaks
She calls me all kind of names
Babes, luv, boy, and even bae
But I prefer when she raises her voice
And shouts Delroy Nesta Williams
Then I know to drop everything that I'm doing
And give her my full attention
Because nothing is as important
As giving her my everything
But her silence can also be as deafening
Like when she doesn't say anything
For hours at a time
Especially when I need her cool confidence to soothe my wondering mind
She's like love music blowing in the wind
On a rainy, cold night
She's the new moon's light
That eastern village that welcomes the sunrise
The beach that greets the low tide's wave
She just knows what to say
And exactly when I need to hear it
"Do I have to be spelled out?" she asked,
Sensing that I needed the reassurance
She's always giving off that allure
And if there's something wonderfully different about Nesta
Know that it is her!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Love Is My Love

by Delroy Nesta Williams 

My love is only my love 
But it is always being questioned 
Just because it doesn't conform
To your own definition 
My love doesn't see colour
But my love understands
That because of its colour, 
It won't be loved the same
And because of its colour,
You will always second guess its genuineness
And you will never be the one to accept
With open arms
Because when my forefathers offered up my love
You preferred to bears arms
Sell us out or kill us off
Still my love has survived
And now it has chosen to swallow it's pride
Burying it alive
In the bowels of nothingness
Because my love though aware of the past
That built its strong foundation
Isn't limited to just history
And doesn't want its love for you to be tainted
But rather to be true
Like how the sky makes the ocean appear to be blue
My love is like that fish that swims
The bird that flies
It just wants to be free to be
Roam from flower to flower
Sucking up nectar like a bee
And still provide you with its perfect honey
But be careful my love will sting
If you continue to mistreat it
And your body will swell
Something like an allergic reaction
But my love also gives massages
After a long hard day at the office
And sometimes my love wants a pillow fight
Before slipping into the bed to make love all night
You see my love can't be defined
It's still genuine, not at all refined
Because my love has traveled from the mothered land
And built a home in a borrowed land
Across deep blue seas and tousled oceans
And my love will continue to progress
Will see beyond your shortsightedness
A lot further than the horizon
That you’ve preconceived to keep me trapped at the seashore
Because I want my feet to get wet
I want to feel the sea breeze through my hair
Taste the salt on my tongue
And when all is said and done
If the sails of my vessel are torn by rough winds
And my love capsized by a tsunami-sized wave
You can be sure that my love will still endure
Because my love knows no other way
Because my love is a survivor

Internal Affairs

by Delroy Nesta Williams 

A sign of things to come
I think it's time that I run, run, run
Reality turning into nightmares
When all I wanted was a dream
Something to aspire to become
But life isn't always what it seems
Friends are often just convenient enemies
And lovers, something of the imagination
Time is always the greatest teacher
Conscience the loudest preacher
But we never ever listen
Until it's too late
Until time has sealed our fate
And there are signs everywhere
But we prefer to ignore
We prefer to explore
Just postponing the inevitable
Because we're pigeonholed to the situation
Although we wish the circumstances to be different
Because deep down we always want things to work out
But we're swimming against the tide
So how long can we survive?
In this constant battle
Against our very own thoughts and feelings
We're destined to fall short
Yes, we will succumb
Because you can only fight yourself for so long!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

And Sometimes (part 2)

by Delroy Nesta Williams

It isn't often that I write a "part 2" of a poem, in fact i've never done it until now. So this is a first for me. Part One is also on this blog, click here.

Before I ramble on and get lost in thought (as i often do), here is the second part of the poem And Sometimes:

And sometimes, you just miss her but pride makes you too proud to apologize... and before you know it minutes become hours and hours turn into days and I find myself sitting, staring out the window at the world passing by, stuck in this funky daze

And sometimes, it takes a big man to say you’re sorry but an even bigger man to forgive when he’s been wronged, it’s rough on your side but just swallow your pride and know that if it was you, she would do it too

And sometimes, you got to accept the wrong even when you think you’re right and when you think you should stand up tall and stand your ground, you should listen to your heart instead of your ego because at the end of it all, nothing matters more than seeing her smile and that’s something that you know

And sometimes, it isn’t about who’s right or wrong… it’s about doing what’s good to make the love live on… strengthening the bond and moving on… because if she loves you as much as you love her… then it is just a minor hiccup and not a cough, this is just a hump in the road and not a trough

And sometimes, you got to stop focusing on the shoreline when the goal is the horizon… take a leap of faith together and know that she will be there to hold you up just in case you should falter… that’s when you know that she’s the one… the Queen in your life, the Lady that wears your crown…