Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Crapaud Story - the video

this is a video of a poem i wrote about the crapaud... check it out as it is being featured on the youtube channel of the Zoological Society of London in recognition of International Mountain Chicken Day, September 13, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

On Days Like These

wrote this poem yesterday morning, just about an hour after waking up from bed... i was reading a book and saw the line "I need to escape from this situation" and i just got to writing the poem... enjoy

On Days Like These
By Delroy Nesta Williams
On days like theseI just wanna escape
From this life I'm living
I just need a moment awayFrom the pain and anguish that I've been experiencing
Too much hurt on the daily
I'm in need of a sanctuary
From the rising of the sun
Way past the minute of its setting
Away from this world's troubles
Away from my personal struggles
I need a dose of happiness
Make that a double!
Time to separate what's important from all the rubble
What to leave behind on the side of the road
And what I need to take up as load
For the rest of life's journey
I want to be free from this freedom
Because its price is too much of a toll
They're asking for my mind, body and my soul
And I feel trapped in a system
That belittles you if you refuse to fit in
Battling against the status quo
Is definitely a no-no
But I've never been someone to remain quiet
A life of silence is akin to death
On days like these
I'm just in need of a moment to catch my breath
Time to regain my strength
Take an account of things that occurred
While I was too busy fighting my flesh
Now is the time to be on guard against principalities and powers
The time is at hand, soon is the hour
On days like these
I remember what's truly important
A simple action is better than the grandest intention
So while I'm giving a helping hand
I know that's definitely what I need
I'm hoping for some reciprocity
A shoulder to lean on
Or even cry if that's how I feel
I'm saving people but I also need someone to save me
I hope someone out there, somewhere
Is listening!
On days like these
Among the noise is some sweet music
If we just take a moment to listen
A cry for help or even a shout of praise
Someone is seeking to be heard
But we're so caught up in our own world
That we drown out the sound or pretend not to hear
Cast a blind eye, wearing those hater-blocker shades
On days like these
I need someone to slap some sense into me
Remind me that my life really isn't about me
Take into account that I'm just sand on the beach
Individually insignificant but collectively of such beauty
At sunrise and even more at sunset
When the waves crash and the sun rays melt
On days like these
Suddenly my life makes so much more sense
I'm thankful for the moment I took to think and recollect
And from today until the end of my days
I will always remember
I will always want
A day like this!