Friday, July 31, 2009

Saving You

Just another love, (well heartbreak) poem that I pieced together from some rhymes and lines that I had scribbled some time back. Had them stored in my likle black book, the one I keep wiht me at all times...

Saving You

I had to set you free
I did it for you baby
It wasn't for me
That's how much I love you
I knew I would hurt you
So before our love grew
I had to walk out on you

You didn't understand it then
but I hope you get it now
I'm sorry I took so long
I trust it's clear to you now
I let you go
because i'm afraid to be loved,
because I love you too much

Too much to disappoint you
Too much to disappoint me
So I'd rather leave in regret
but with the knowledge
That I saved you from myself

by Nesta

Bangladesh turns the table

I am a sore loser, why should I like losing anyways, it's not like I get anything from it, well except the lessons learnt but it's not like I want to learn anything from a loss. But somehow, it seems like the Caribbean cricket team, the West Indies behaves in the opposite and have become so used to losing matches that it has become an artform to the present generation of players.

I've always heard about the glory days, when the team were World Champs and could do no wrong, now it seems like they can do no right. I don't know much about the politics of sports but i'm sure that those involved in the regional management needs to be fired, just let go the entire board, the players, coaches and let everybody re-apply for the positions. Then through a careful selection process you choose those who you feel can do that job or to hell with everybody, you just hire new people and build from the ground up with a new crop of young players who haven't yet been influenced by the greedy and power hungry.

The players are as much to blame as the West Indies Cricket Board. Hey, I would even blame the legends of the game, the commentators and some fans. In fact, everybody who has somehow contributed to the state of the current game needs to go. I am of the mindset now, after seeing them under-perform in two one-day internationals that the bunch of overpaid employees should all be axed. It is not just the losing, its the manner in which they lose, they showed no enthusiasm, no real determination to fight it out until the end, I hate to see the state of the game.

But as usual, nothing is going to get done about it, we are just too laissez-faire and have come to accept mediocrity within all aspects of our island-life. Lord help the Caribbean game, once a source of pride and power, now a sight of shame and promise without purpose. Shame on them.

In the meantime, I did enjoy the environment at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium; with the moko jumbies, lapo kabwit, digicel girls and carnivalesque atmosphere. I would love another national event soon, but maybe football next time around. Another defeat at the Windsor Park for the West Indies might just send me to the grave, the supporters grave that is, never to return again. We only had one real thing to cheer about (the century by Dowlin), but the crowd cheered on everything because moments like these are meant to be cherised. So now the history books have to be written, Bangladesh first series win in a One-Day International came against the West Indies team in beautiful Dominica. My country has to bear the shame of the shameless team. Ah mag way sah


Monday, July 27, 2009

Cricket and more cricket

This time I am talking about the sport and not the insect. I haven't posted on my blog since last weekend and that's because I was a little busy and just didn't have the time to seat down and type. I think I needed the week off as well.

But i'm back and although I dont have any poems to post (building up my collection to have in my new book), I do have a electric experience to rant and rave about. Yesterday I was at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium in downtown Roseau, well actually I was next door since I live in Roseau to witness the first International One Day Match between the West Indies and Bangladesh in Dominica at the brand new (open to debate) venue.

I had a first hand view, because as an usher I had access to more facilitaties than the average fan and I did take advantage of that. I didn't get any autographs, the Head Usher frowned upon that type of interaction with the players, but I did manage to talk to a few of them and even found myself in the party stand (no free food or drinks though).

What I most enjoyed about being there was the crowd's energy and how supportive they were of both teams during the game. The thousands didn't bother which team was performing well, every run, four or six was cheered (for those who don't understand the sport this can be very complicating). Off course, I didn't have much time to really watch the early hours of the game as I had to be ushering the fans to their respective seats but I was able to witness the demise of the makeshift West Indies team at the hands of the superior Bangladesh team.

It was almost like waiting on the obvious after the first hour of West Indies batting innings, all that was debatable was the number of runs that the team would achieve and the margin of defeat. I was disappointed in the team's overall effort but there were still moments of brilliance and times when the whole environment made me observe in awe at everything going on.

I will surely do it again and very soon since I am up for volunteer duty again on Tuesday for the Second International One Day match, let's hope the Windies can square up the series. I got my fingers and toes crossed, Wish us luck...


For official information and statistics on the match: or

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Event-full Saturday

Yesterday started so wrong but ended so well, alot better than I had expected. There were alot of bumps on the road but by the time the day ended it was a smooth ride.

After a hectic morning and bad weather making my way to Castle Bruce (East coast of Dominica) for the 8th Bi-Annual General Assembly of the National Youth Council, I was re-elected President for my first two-year term but my second stint at the helm of the Organization. I have a team of rookies as well as experience players as it relates to youth work and youth organizations but i'm hoping for the best and we continue with the good work that we have started.

If I thought the bad weather of the morning was passed and it was gonna be all sunshine for the rest of the day, then I was dead wrong. I found myself in the midst of a traffic jam in Massacre and Canefield because of floods. Yes the land of many mountains floods, well flash floods anyway. With waters reach near half way up the vehicle I was driving, it felt like something from out of the movies and it wasn't just in once location, we had to cross three different large pools of muddy, dirty water. The ladies were scared but still found some strength to take photos and giggle away from time to time.

And if you thought that my day was over and the excitement was done then you are still wrong. Last night, my team (Bath Estate Football Club), of which I am a former player and PRO won our second Newtown Football League Championship in two years, yes back to back champions, beating our bitter rivals 2-0. What makes the victory even sweeter is that earlier this year, we were beaten by the same Cesseme Street team 3-0. Revenge is so sweet.

Off course we had to flaunt our victory with a motorcade/parade through the streets of Roseau and Newtown making them fully aware of who the real champions are, hats off to the Estate Boys. Blue, blue...Estate For True.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Day Camp is over

The National Youth Council closed its door today on the 2009 Summer Day Camp (Arts and Expressions; Changing Lives) much to the disappointment of the students but mostly the parents. The two week camp had its graduation ceremony this morning where the participants put on a show for the few parents and media officials who showed up.

From song, dance, skits and even a exhibit of work made up part of the event. A number of parents made recommendations to improve the camp but the most telling idea was to increase the camp from 2 weeks to a month and from a morning camp to a full day camp.

To the innocent bystander this may seem a simple and practical suggestion but the real issue is that the parents need a centre where they can dump off (for want of a better word) their children so that they could be the responsibility of some one else. Dominican parents can be something else, lol.

I enjoyed every minute I spent at the camp and the kids (hope the haters don't take me to task for this word) really enjoyed their every moment and a number of them looked sad to finally walk away from the Dominica Public Service Union halls.

Well at least they got something to look forward to next summer and we anticipate a bumper crowd of children. This year we had to accomodate a lot more than we anticipated, almost double the number we really had projected that would participate. So until next year...


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rabbit Festival Returns to Cockrane

I'm surely gonna be there.

Last year I didn't get enough meat but this year i'm going up to Cockrane from the early hours of the morning.

I have to get my fair share, I love rabbit meat.

I cyah wait eh boy

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dream Poem

Wrote this one a few days ago, basically speaking to people about holding on to their dream and pursuing them but at the same time not becoming slaves to them. I hope this message is clear in the words.

What’s in a dream?

Dreams flow away like rivers to the sea
Lost among the oceans of the world
But a glimmer of hope still exists at the horizon
Just at the point of the sunset

When the sky turns from blue to a pale red
Then we see the power of the dream
The inspiration it brings, to see beyond the ordinary
Pushing intellect and creative capacity

The future of our world
Lies within those not afraid,
Nor captive by the dream.
Willing to separate idealism from reality
But still reach outside the box,
Beyond physical or coloured boundaries

But who holds the match to ignite that spark?
Who to fan the flames?
Prevent the fire from burning out
For there’s so much preoccupation with life’s leisure
That the dreams are left with no caretaker

Now that the rains have come
Aspirations washed away by worldly erosion
The substance of our subconscious floating away
Rushing by the currents of the river
To the emptiness of the deep blue sea

by Nesta

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life Can Be So Cruel: Andy Roddick poem

I am a huge fan of tennis, more Venus and Serena Williams than anybody else but I also love men's tennis. I have followed the sport ever since I was around 9 or 10 and my favourite player is/was Andre Agassi.

For that reason, I never like Pete Sampras and also because I felt he always stood in the way of Agassi and a Grand Slam Trophy. My favourite match between the two was when neither had a break of each other's serve at the US Open, I believe it was at the US Open, but Sampras still managed to beat Agassi.

Sunday I saw a similar match unfold while I was watching tennis on TV and I wrote a poem at the end of the match. I wrote this one for Andy Roddick, after I saw his defeat at the hands of Roger Federer at The Championships, Wimbledon on Sunday. He worked so hard but still didn't win and I felt for him, just as I felt for Agassi.

So here it is:
Life Can Be So Cruel

Life can be so cruel
To he who falls short of victory.
Just once you’d like to win
But the feeling of success evades you.

Why did life have to choose you?
Being remembered as second best...
Moments before you cross the finish line,
Someone comes to pass you by.

It hurts even worst,
When that person doesn’t need to win.
They’ve tasted victory before
But defeat has to be your meal.

And there’s always that one reminder
Of the moment you reached so close,
A moment when victory was within grasp,
But instead you walked away in defeat.
by Nesta

BTW, congrats to Serena and Venus Williams on winning the women's singles and doubles championships at Wimbledon... more to come for the trophy mantle.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Walk/Run for the Olympic spirit

Every year the Dominica Olympic Committee joins the rest of the international community in celebrating the olympic spirit through the Olympic Day Run. This is in honour of the foundation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on 23rd June 1894 in Paris, France. This year marked the second time that I have participated although this year it crept up on me like a thief in the night. Let me explain:

I had heard the ads on the radio but I didn't really pay it any attention, I am sure I engaged in something important because I usually listen earnestly to the sports news. Anyway, I was in the middle of doing my radio program (Environment and Sustainable Development on Kairi FM Radio) and got a call from a friend. She wanted some company on the walk/run. I wasn't really dressed for the walk/run but I couldn't say know to her, I got some love in my heart for that girl.

The walk wasn't that long, only from the Roseau Bayfront to Canefield but it took me just over an hour to make the journey. I was left alone, the young lady didnt seem to want my compnay as she kept running ahead so I met up with another friend who needed the company and we walked and talked all the way to the park. I hadn't seen her in months and she told me about her childhood, her baby, her situation with her ex. I guess she needed somebody to talk to and I am glad I could have been there on that day for her. I enjoyed being a shoulder to lean on.

By the time we got to Canefield it was almost time to give out the trophies for the competitors. I didn't stick around for much longer as I did the walk for fun and felt that the presentation was just too long. Let the Olympic Spirit live on...
Looking forward to next year


pics of the week

Flowers got to me this week, so i'm posting shots of anthuriums as the pics of the week. A few years ago the Anthurium Late Blight demolished the local anthurium production, leaving all farmers/growers with nothing but empty shadehouses and farm lands. Anthuriums in Dominica are usually grown under shade netting or in forested areas where the plants can recieve shade during its growth period.

The Roseau Valley but more particularly the Giraudel/Eggleston communities are famous for their anthurium blooms and flower show. But enough of my talk about growth and so forth, just enjoy the photos. They tell more than a thousand words

Estate again

Newtown aka Harlem may be the mecca of football in Dominica but for sure Bath Estate is the future. And every year, we prove again and again why that is so with a crop of young talent that bag trophy after trophy in all leagues, be it the national or off season football leagues. If only we could be Cesseme Street this year, then all would be good.

We lost to them about two weeks ago during the Quik Zone Cup, no i didn't blog about that loss but last saturday, we put a second or third (i can't recall since we win so often) trophy on the mantle after destroying Kingshill Veterans 2 goals to 1. National striker Kurlson Benjamin netted the two goals, one coming from the penalty spot as a dagger in the hearts of the opponents late in the second half. Goalkeeper Neverson Jno. Baptiste did his outmost best to ensure a clean sheet but the vets managed to put one by him in a scramble situation. It was a tough win and Veterans played at their highest level possible to try to steal this trophy from the Blue Blue Crew. That is a clear, factual statement seeing that we beat that same team last night (5 goals to 2).

All in all, we got it on lock, Cesseme better look out later in the league as we building from strength to strength. Next time we not letting down our fans. Harlem people better watch out, we gonna paint Cesseme Street all blue. Blue Blue, Estate for true.