Friday, July 3, 2009

Estate again

Newtown aka Harlem may be the mecca of football in Dominica but for sure Bath Estate is the future. And every year, we prove again and again why that is so with a crop of young talent that bag trophy after trophy in all leagues, be it the national or off season football leagues. If only we could be Cesseme Street this year, then all would be good.

We lost to them about two weeks ago during the Quik Zone Cup, no i didn't blog about that loss but last saturday, we put a second or third (i can't recall since we win so often) trophy on the mantle after destroying Kingshill Veterans 2 goals to 1. National striker Kurlson Benjamin netted the two goals, one coming from the penalty spot as a dagger in the hearts of the opponents late in the second half. Goalkeeper Neverson Jno. Baptiste did his outmost best to ensure a clean sheet but the vets managed to put one by him in a scramble situation. It was a tough win and Veterans played at their highest level possible to try to steal this trophy from the Blue Blue Crew. That is a clear, factual statement seeing that we beat that same team last night (5 goals to 2).

All in all, we got it on lock, Cesseme better look out later in the league as we building from strength to strength. Next time we not letting down our fans. Harlem people better watch out, we gonna paint Cesseme Street all blue. Blue Blue, Estate for true.

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