Friday, July 10, 2009

Dream Poem

Wrote this one a few days ago, basically speaking to people about holding on to their dream and pursuing them but at the same time not becoming slaves to them. I hope this message is clear in the words.

What’s in a dream?

Dreams flow away like rivers to the sea
Lost among the oceans of the world
But a glimmer of hope still exists at the horizon
Just at the point of the sunset

When the sky turns from blue to a pale red
Then we see the power of the dream
The inspiration it brings, to see beyond the ordinary
Pushing intellect and creative capacity

The future of our world
Lies within those not afraid,
Nor captive by the dream.
Willing to separate idealism from reality
But still reach outside the box,
Beyond physical or coloured boundaries

But who holds the match to ignite that spark?
Who to fan the flames?
Prevent the fire from burning out
For there’s so much preoccupation with life’s leisure
That the dreams are left with no caretaker

Now that the rains have come
Aspirations washed away by worldly erosion
The substance of our subconscious floating away
Rushing by the currents of the river
To the emptiness of the deep blue sea

by Nesta

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Maureen said...

I love this poem very much....You are good...