Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Hunter's hand!

Every time my country has a controversy, I am always surprised by the justifications of some people for what seems to be a simple matter, a simple case of right or wrong… my people seem to find every imaginable reason to excuse wrongdoing… are we that eager to accept wrong?

I agree, maybe Calypso isn’t that big a deal to some in Dominica, but, to people like me that look forward to the Calypso season, almost akin to that of a Catholic’s eagerness to celebrate Christ the King or Easter, it means a whole lot to me that a calypsonian so celebrated that many hail him to be one of the legends of the art form has found himself in hot water and not just because he was caught in a dubious act, but especially because he had a chance to explain his actions and chose instead to offer up a “cock and bull story” for want of a better phrase.

He could have simply said, yes, I erred; it was a rash action during a time of desperation. I would have gladly accepted that rationale, after all, we have all fallen short. But his explanation turned out to be utter rubbish, based on photos that appeared all over social media. It is one thing to write the words to your own song on your hand, it is another thing to deny it, cover it up and then send half the calypso-loving nation into a frenzy; either trying to prove you wrong, seeking to cover up your lies or even offer up justifications for your actions.

I may get flack for my opinion, but what the hell… I like expressing myself. This isn’t anything personal. I have nothing against the artist; I am not even really much focused on him as much as I am focused on his actions. Many young, aspiring artists (junior calypsonians too) I am sure, look up to him as a prominent figure and a role model within the calypso realm. I am sure they are all too knowledgeable of his actions by now as nothing passes over the heads of children these days, as much as we would like to think it might.

Again, I can’t tell the man what he should or shouldn’t do, whether he should step down from the competition, resign from the Association, or otherwise, that is left to him and his conscience but he should surely seek to do the right thing in that case. He didn’t only leave a sour taste in my mouth or in the mouths of other fans, he also managed to sully the image of the art form and the Association. Surely, the two are bigger than the personality of the Artist, even one who is as prominent as he has become over the past two decades.

In my eyes, there’s no justification for writing on his palm, whether or not he peeked, looked at or ignored his palm is irrelevant. The fact remains, by writing the lyrics on his palm, that he sought to gain an unfair advantage, whether or not the rules of the competition guard against this action or not. I won’t even seek to compare that to cheating on an exam, that would be to simple a comparison and I’m sure we can all see the similarities without me pointing them out.

I have offered by opinion and that’s all I will do, my opinion is not to condemn the man, but to condemn his actions.

It is clear all is not well,
Too much hate in Dominica
We are caught in our own spell
That’s why we ain’t going nowhere

Thank you Bobb (can’t believe I’m actually quoting Bobb, smh)

Calypso Fanatic

Sunday, January 27, 2013


By Delroy Nesta Williams

At seven months 
I was sent from the Father up above
Nurses and doctors didn't believe
Only gave me a few days to live
Not that I can remember
But my first home was an incubator
2 pounds, 3 ounces wasn’t much
But the Lord was my guiding light, my solid crutch

At fifteen, my mother didn’t know
Just how far, her first born would go
Everything new and confusing to her,
But abortion was never an option
And her love prevented adoption
Now today I stand
So proud, with the world at my palms
Once a caterpillar - now a butterfly
Spreading my wings; Delroy, it’s time to fly

Growing into a fine young man 
Facing many trials and tribulations
But remaining steadfast
Sticking to the task at hand
Got to be the difference
It’s not enough to just exist
Got to leave my mark
I will be remembered, 
This flame evolved from a mere spark

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Delroy and Nesta

Delroy and Nesta
by Delroy Nesta Williams

I’m caught in a dilemma
Cause she loves Delroy but not Nesta
She loathes the silent observer but loves the hard worker
Wants to see my actions but not listen to the poetic words I utter
My Lady likes the fact that I work with youth and toil the soil
But, can’t understand why I spend hours just writing
The poetry, the short stories
To her it’s a waste of my energies
She would prefer if I gave her that consideration
And not write poems that capture other women’s attention
She’s the jealous type that wants to be noticed
Delroy is aware but Nesta just doesn’t know this
So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place
Cause Delroy comes with Nesta’s baggage
She sees it as excess garbage
So how do I split the two?
To her they’re so different
But in my eyes, Nesta is Delroy’s compliment
She just doesn’t understand
You can’t have one without the other
So should I even bother?
I just can’t choose between the two
They’re one in the same person
Not even an alter ego
Just an extension of me, like a shadow
To have Delroy, Nesta has to be valued
She thinks that Nesta is just fantasy
She needs to face my reality,
Delroy and Nesta is simply me.
To her Delroy is simply the loud confident type
And Nesta barely speaks his mind
Nesta is grounded while Delroy is the dreamer
She sees a future with Delroy but not Nesta
And it frustrates both of me
Because I can’t help her
To see both sides of me
The sweet, innocence of the poet
Versus the out-going, overbearing show off
That Delroy has become
Delroy has become too much
In comparison to Nesta; surplus
But getting rid of one will leave me inadequate
And then she will find a void in me that nothing else can fill
So she better learn to love us two
It’s either that or I’m out the door like yesterday’s news.
Lady, welcome to my world or just don’t enter the door
Because like it or not, you’re stuck with Delroy Nesta

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dominican porn saga...

Dear Friends:

I said I was just going to ignore the videos and the posts and maybe it would all go away before I got the urge to give my two cents, I was wrong.

I understand that everyone has an opinion and rightly so, what kind of society would we be if this incident didn't generate some discourse. 

I would have been more worried then. But as we famously do as a people when things like this happens, we point a finger, playing the blame game. Instead, as a society we should be looking at ways to curb this behaviour, identify warning signs and create help-desks for people who have been victims or even perpetrators of such crimes. 

It is clear that these young people were taken advantage of, victims of their own naivety or eagerness to please. But just how do we ensure that these incidents don't arise again.

Is enough being done in terms of sex education and protection (I didn't see any condoms in the videos) and in terms of teaching moral and ethical values to our children. It is one thing to engage in sex (even making a video), it is a totally different ball game when you distribute the videos. It then becomes pornography (child porn in this case) and a cyber crime of international proportions. Once these things hit the internet then it is no longer a local issue. The ramifications are endless. 

I say all this to conclude that we as a society need to address sex and sexuality in more palatable ways so that the message in driven and form part of the knowledge, attitudes and practice of our people. It is one thing to know about the dangers of something and a totally different thing to put what you've learned into practice.

Where do we start? At schools? At Churches? At Clubs? No, we start within the homes. Parents should be willing enough and open enough to "discuss" sex and sexuality with their children. And I put discuss in inverted commas because a lot of what we think is discussion in Caribbean families is actually a shouting, blaming game. 

I can say more and I hope I get the opportunity to say a lot more and even help out if the need arises but our young people, our future deserve more than what we are giving them.

Thank You
Delroy N. Williams
Youth Activist

There are news stories of the incident here:
Dominica News Online
Dominica Vibes 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I hope that in this year to come, I make mistakes.

Because if I am making mistakes, then I am making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing myself, changing myself, changing my world. I am doing things I've never done before, and more importantly, I am Doing Something.

So that's my wish for myself and all of us. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. 

Make mistakes nobody's ever made before. Don't freeze, don't stop, don't worry that it isn't good enough, or it isn't perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life.

Whatever it is you're scared of doing, Do it.

Make your mistakes, next year and forever.” 

Neil Gaiman (1960) but edited to suit me