Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Delroy and Nesta

Delroy and Nesta
by Delroy Nesta Williams

I’m caught in a dilemma
Cause she loves Delroy but not Nesta
She loathes the silent observer but loves the hard worker
Wants to see my actions but not listen to the poetic words I utter
My Lady likes the fact that I work with youth and toil the soil
But, can’t understand why I spend hours just writing
The poetry, the short stories
To her it’s a waste of my energies
She would prefer if I gave her that consideration
And not write poems that capture other women’s attention
She’s the jealous type that wants to be noticed
Delroy is aware but Nesta just doesn’t know this
So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place
Cause Delroy comes with Nesta’s baggage
She sees it as excess garbage
So how do I split the two?
To her they’re so different
But in my eyes, Nesta is Delroy’s compliment
She just doesn’t understand
You can’t have one without the other
So should I even bother?
I just can’t choose between the two
They’re one in the same person
Not even an alter ego
Just an extension of me, like a shadow
To have Delroy, Nesta has to be valued
She thinks that Nesta is just fantasy
She needs to face my reality,
Delroy and Nesta is simply me.
To her Delroy is simply the loud confident type
And Nesta barely speaks his mind
Nesta is grounded while Delroy is the dreamer
She sees a future with Delroy but not Nesta
And it frustrates both of me
Because I can’t help her
To see both sides of me
The sweet, innocence of the poet
Versus the out-going, overbearing show off
That Delroy has become
Delroy has become too much
In comparison to Nesta; surplus
But getting rid of one will leave me inadequate
And then she will find a void in me that nothing else can fill
So she better learn to love us two
It’s either that or I’m out the door like yesterday’s news.
Lady, welcome to my world or just don’t enter the door
Because like it or not, you’re stuck with Delroy Nesta


Jannel said...

Nice! I love it! Delroy n Nesta. Reminds me a lot of our college days. The quiet Delroy and the blade Delroy!.... Awesome indeed!

Rum-Punch Drunk said...

I really enjoyed reading this poem. It clearly shows 2 sides of the same person. Love him or leave him I say, because women too have different sides and depths. Who is this world can have it all so perfectly?
Nice Post.