Wednesday, June 20, 2012

40 by 40 - the updated list

A while back I made this list of 40 things that I would like to accomplish by the age of 40, check here for the list. I think it is time that I update the list, although I am not that close to 40, i'm only 26 years old, (lol, that's an inside joke)... so here is my updated list, which also includes suggestions from friends. Some of the things I had already achieved since the previous list and some are newly achieved (yay for me) and the rest are in the making. Those that i have done are in red. so here is my list:

40 by 40

01. Run with the bulls in Spain (I've ran with the dogs of Dominica)
02. Skydive
03. Climb a mountain. Any mountain! (too many, but Mont Blanc in France, Morne Trois Pitons in Dominica and The Pitons in St. Lucia were most memorable) 
04. Fly-fish within the Rockies
05. Visit the Pyramids of Giza
06. Scuba Dive at the Great Barrier Reef (i'm scuba diving at Champagne reef in Dominica soon) - look out for pics
07. Learn to play an instrument (no luck yet, i want to play drums though)
08. Swim with Sharks or Dolphins (i snorkeled and that should count)
09. Sing the National Anthem at a sporting event/ sing in public- Karaoke counts (i still can't sing)
10. Ride a Motorcycle (will definitely do this)
11. Write a novel or a screenplay (started but not yet completed, i'm such a procrastinator at times)
12. Snowboard in the Alps (well I did visit Mont Blanc and skied so that counts, right?)
13. Swim across/in a lake (Fresh Water Lake in Laudat, twice, almost died the last time, long story, but i will still do it again)
14. Unplug your television for a week (yes i did and i'm still doing that one, i completely shut out tv from my life, I use my laptop instead, lol)
15. Learn another language (parlez-vous francais?)
16. Kiss a complete stranger (a lady needs to help me out with this one, just come up to me and kiss me, i don't bite, well unless you want me too)
17. Run a marathon ( I MUST DO THIS ONE)
18. Help someone in another country (sent stamps and my poetry book to a collector in Spain)
19. Learn how to Tango or any other spanish/latin/cultural dance (i've got two left feet)
20. Bungee jump (nope, not doing this one at all)
21. Ride a dog sled (once i make it to Canada or Alaska, somebody buy me a ticket, please)
22. Create a piece of Art (I did that, didn't you read One Room Shack, if that ain't art then i don't know eh)
23. Volunteer for a humanitarian organization (yep, do that often)
24. Audition for a role in a play at the community theatre (got the part but the play never happened, writing my own though)
25. Stand up to a bully even if you are not the one being bullied (well i have spoken out against more powerfully people than me, i guess that should count, they were politicians though, but they can be considered bullies, lol)
26. Cook and/or Eat sushi (got pictures to prove it, in my pink apron, lol) pink is a manly colour okay...
27. Publish my book of poetry or two
28. Launch my production company and start on my plays ( I JUST NEED TO STOP THE PROCRASTINATION)
29. Get married (how could i forget that one)
30. Meet Pinky in NYC
31. Meet the Dalai Lama (i gotta make this work)
32.Visit India, Egypt of Ethiopia (i've been to the Motherland 3 times, the next time i am eloping to one of these places)
33. Do a book review for a stranger (working on that one)
34. Close down my Facebook account (not a chance of doing that one)
35. Have two children (need to breed, continue my surname)

feel free to add more, suggestions needed please!!!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Break the Silence - help our children

Break the Silence
By Delroy Nesta Williams

You commit murder when you keep silent
Every time you see injustice and don’t speak
When you know that your little girl
Is forced to rock on a grown man’s cock
But you turn a blind eye
And pretend not to see
Because the man brings in the pay check
And pays for your hair and your nails
So instead you pave the way to your daughter’s grave
When you pretend to not hear the screams
Or notice that every night he leaves your bed
And goes into the next bedroom instead
You know what’s going on
But you prefer to play dumb
You’re just perpetuating the crime
Adding grime to the slime
Just because you think you can’t get another man
So you give him the upper hand
Even if it means that your flesh and blood
Is covered in his stench and her own blood
Because he forced her hymen,
Her body isn’t prepared for the private parts of grown men.
But you gotta have the fancy dresses
And flaunt to all your family and friends
While your daughter rots inside
Her soul fading away to its end
You’re just as guilty as the man
How can you look into his eyes
Tell yourself that you love him
And allow him to rape your kin
So while he stains the youthful days of your child
You add insult to injury
How do you look into her eyes
And not see the pain
How can you see her soul
And not recognize the stains
That his filthy touch has left
If you won’t protect yourself
At least protect your blood
How can you allow this go on?
This isn’t what was meant
By turning the other cheek
Ordering your daughter to be submissive and meek
So you commit the murder of your very own daughter
Killing her soul by the minute and the hour
Death isn’t only when breath leaves your corpse
Death is when you turn a blind eye
And show the one you should love
That her peace of mind, you sold and he bought…

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Check out my writings on

I joined up to earlier this year and though I haven't used it as often as I would have liked, I would still like to encourage you to check out my writings, especially my short story: Hair On My Chest. It is special to me because it was the first short story that I entered into a competition and I got second place at the National Independence competition for short story writing in Dominica. So check it out:


Don't ask because I don't know... I just started writing and I couldn't stop... Make sense out of it if you can


There’s life beyond the boundaries
There’s hope at the horizon
That you won’t fall off
A need to free our minds
A desire to extend the essential
Push forward, break down emotional walls.
What exist within?
What exist outside?
Everybody can be a victim
Everybody’s not suppose to be a hero
Temporary phase of life
But a need to belong
Overcome adversity
Worried about images
So influential,
So impractical,
This overwhelming feeling
This underwhelming outcome
Projecting the right image

my envelop made it to Spain

this random guy from Madrid, Spain sent me an email about collecting used stamps (I used to be a collector too) and I sent him some Dominican stamps along with a copy of my poetry book: One Room Shack... today, I saw a photo of the envelop I sent him with my handwriting on his blog... so cool, glad that I could have helped with his collection, all the best to him...

Check out his blog and the post here

I should have asked for a Real Madrid jersey in return, lol, just kidding...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Escape

It's been a while since i've shared a short story in here and although i haven't finished this one, i thought it would be nice to at least give a preview. So here it is, enjoy:

What a day it was, yesterday. Climbing Diablotin was a serious challenge and I was feeling the after-effects. I needed that massage, if only I had taken Cassandra’s advice. I just wasn’t in the mood for all that chit-chat and frankly, I was having second thoughts about this relationship. I understood that she needed me now more than ever but I couldn’t help but be a little bit perturbed by the situation I had found myself in with her. To say I didn’t see that one coming is the understatement of the century. What that had started as a friendly flirtatious conversation during the lunch hour was bourgeoning into an affair of wild proportions. And although I loved being with her, I wanted no part of the repercussions and something told me I should stay far away from her.

But her needy voice and the way she always made herself available to me was a little more than I could fight. She would show up in the staff room just before my class every morning, leaving me love notes; sending me messages on my phone all day long. I had to delete them all as soon as I read them. My girlfriend was such a detective that even the slightest text from a woman warranted an FBI-type interrogation. Shana was on vacation now, thank God, three weeks in Antigua was my dream come true. Some peace and quiet for a change but she had found a way to trouble my mind from across the Caribbean Sea. She called every day, something six or seven times a day. She called my cell phone, the house phone, even the school phone just to keep tabs on me. That drove me crazy. She even had her evil sister spying on me, popping in at my home at odd hours with strange requests for sugar, butter and so forth. Her sister even adopted my car as her personal taxi having me driving her all over Roseau since she was afraid to get her own license.

To be continued...