Monday, June 18, 2012

Break the Silence - help our children

Break the Silence
By Delroy Nesta Williams

You commit murder when you keep silent
Every time you see injustice and don’t speak
When you know that your little girl
Is forced to rock on a grown man’s cock
But you turn a blind eye
And pretend not to see
Because the man brings in the pay check
And pays for your hair and your nails
So instead you pave the way to your daughter’s grave
When you pretend to not hear the screams
Or notice that every night he leaves your bed
And goes into the next bedroom instead
You know what’s going on
But you prefer to play dumb
You’re just perpetuating the crime
Adding grime to the slime
Just because you think you can’t get another man
So you give him the upper hand
Even if it means that your flesh and blood
Is covered in his stench and her own blood
Because he forced her hymen,
Her body isn’t prepared for the private parts of grown men.
But you gotta have the fancy dresses
And flaunt to all your family and friends
While your daughter rots inside
Her soul fading away to its end
You’re just as guilty as the man
How can you look into his eyes
Tell yourself that you love him
And allow him to rape your kin
So while he stains the youthful days of your child
You add insult to injury
How do you look into her eyes
And not see the pain
How can you see her soul
And not recognize the stains
That his filthy touch has left
If you won’t protect yourself
At least protect your blood
How can you allow this go on?
This isn’t what was meant
By turning the other cheek
Ordering your daughter to be submissive and meek
So you commit the murder of your very own daughter
Killing her soul by the minute and the hour
Death isn’t only when breath leaves your corpse
Death is when you turn a blind eye
And show the one you should love
That her peace of mind, you sold and he bought…

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