Monday, June 27, 2011

Chinese Invasion???

Ever since the Government of Dominica pledged allegiance to the One China Policy in 2004 there have been public fears/concerns about the increase in the Chinese population in Dominica. More recently, certain business owners and radio personalities have led the charge about perceived ‘preferential treatment’ from the Government with regards to Chinese business and has called the move an unfair attempt at undermining local businesses.

But it isn’t all that bad, truth be told. The Chinese have built the Windsor Park Sports Stadium, Dominica Grammar School and other such projects at little or no cost to Dominica or Dominicans, assisting the country with capital projects during a time when international assistance from friendly governments have dwindled and the international markets are failing.

The Ministry of Agriculture, where I work, also has a good working relationship with the Chinese delegation. We have been collaborating on various projects at the Hillsborough Agricultural Research Centre and also at the farmer/field level.

The relationship was further cemented this weekend (Saturday June 26, 2011) after a friendly basketball match at Lindo Park between the Extension service of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Chinese Embassy.

It was a strange game, the Chinese, who were widely regarded as the away team had a larger and louder crowd support, lol. They also had a larger team, playing more than twenty (20) players against the eight (8) that the agricultural service fielded.

The score was never close but it didn’t need to be. The Agricultural team outscored the Chinese delegation from the first minute so much so that the scoreboard was erased with about one (1) minute still left in the game. It wasn’t done in any way to cheat the game but more in gest as it was clear that the Chinese team could never have won and by that time they were mainly playing for fun. The last score I remember seeing was 59 – 26, in favour of the agriculturists.

There’s already discussion about a follow-up game but with serious negotiations as to the number of players allowed to be play in the game. Eight (8) might beat twenty (20) but there’s no way seventy thousand (70,000) can defeat one billion (1,000,000,000).

See a video clip of the game:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In the news!!!

I've been busy over the passed two weeks and haven't been posting much on my blog. I've been on the campaign trail as I seek a second term as the President of the National Youth Council of Dominica. I also partnered with my uncle to host a Father's Day activity for the Blue Blue community, Bath Estate. The media houses have basically been my home.

Here are the links to the stories:


Father's Day

Voter ID Cards

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mommy, I'm pregnant!

Teenage pregnancy
By Delroy Nesta Williams

Mommy I’m pregnant
And I know you may be angry
But before you hit me
Or start to judge me
Take a minute and listen
Pay attention to me.

Mommy, you never taught me about sex
Or how to deal with the advances of the opposite sex
Never said a word about condoms.
I don’t even know the meaning of contraception
Far less for conception.

Mommy, the boys on the block made me feel good,
Saying things that you and dad never would.
Spoke to me in ways that I had never heard:
Told me I was beautiful, told me I was nice
Mommy, they complimented my sense of style.
Why didn’t you do it too mommy?
Why, oh why?
And now I am with child.

This foetus grows in my belly
The thought of teenage pregnancy overwhelms me,
But I promise my baby to do better
To talk to her, to love her.
I won’t neglect her like you did me,
I hope you also pass my message to daddy.

Times when I wanted his love and attention,
Instead he spent hours watching the television
All I wanted was an occasional hug and kiss,
To live in a house full of blessings and bliss.
You taught me to talk but never talked to me,
You taught me to walk but never walked with me.
I still want to say I’m sorry,
Sorry for this teenage pregnancy.

But now, I want you to talk to my little sister,
Because she’s growing up even faster.
She’s already getting the attention of the boys;
Mommy, don’t let her fall for their silly ploys.
She’s wearing seductive clothes, putting on so much make up,
She’s so busy to grow up.
I hope she isn’t as naïve as me,
Boys will definitely take advantage,
Because she looks a lot older than her age.
Mommy, talk to her please!
Don’t let her make the same mistake as I did
Speak to her about the birds and the bees.
It’s too late for me now,
But save her mommy, save her some how,
Mommy, please act quick
She’s already talking about *** and ***.

Mommy, before I leave
Know that from now on I will do better
And though I may have lost your honour
I hope it passes to my son or daughter.
Mommy although you had some part to play
I don’t blame you for this, no way!
I will tell my child how you loved me,
And how you showered blessings upon me.
There will be no resentment in my family
Not the type I got from you and daddy.
Motherhood awaits me and although I’m unprepared,
You’ve shown me what not to do.
So mommy, with a heavy heart, I say Thank You…

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sibling rivalry

Move over Williams sisters there's a greater, more enthralling rivalry. Well at least to those who were present at the 2nd annual Hula Hoop Championships held at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium in Roseau. This was a major part of a fundraising drive by the Dominica Cancer Society under the theme Hoop for Hope on June 12, 2011.

For 5 hours and 34 minutes two sisters, Shantelle and Kiera Ettiene of the Massacre Primary School, hula hooped their way into Dominican history books. Special mention must also be made of Tiana Rolle of the Goodwill Primary School who also beat last year's record but had to stop at 4 hours and 18 minutes due to fatigue. She cried at the end because she just couldn't keep up to the sisters. I'm sure that sounds familiar to tennis fans who have seen the professional athletes cry after being defeated by Serena and Venus Williams.

I had a first hand view of the courage, determination and effort put on by these young girls as chief judge of the endurance challenge. At one time i also performed various other tasks (waterboy, supporter and security) as the crowd continued to cheer on these young ladies.

They could have gone on for much longer as neither wanted the other to win. They tried to trick each other into submission on various occassions each pretending to be tired and on the verge of giving up in an effort to fool the other. It didn't work. On more than one occassion the mother of the young girls asked them to stop and allow the other to win, that didn't work either. On one occasion, the younger sibling cried for a short moment but the older sister wouldn't let up and they were back at it again for another 30 or so minutes. She wouldn't be tricked into letting her young sister win, after all she was the defending champion and record setter at last years championship (4 hours and 5 minutes)

At the end of it all, the crowd encouraged and pursuaded the mother to put an end to the rivalry, citing fatigue, physical damage as major concerns. Both young ladies said that they could have gone on. They also attested that they would be back next year to outduel the other. We shall see.

More on the story, visit Dominica News Online or look at my 30 second blackberry video clip below:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I wasn't born to conform!

Every now and then I feature work from other poets on my site, whether they are established, up and coming or new acts. The only difference with this piece is that the young lady doesn't consider herself a poet, although she has written and performed a number of well-crafted works. She has performed at various events including the Nature Island Literary Festival and is noted for her wonderful event planning and management of the Word, Sound and Power night at the Anchorage Hotel and even Roti and Poetry night at her own home.

This piece speaks to me and articulates certain of my qualities and beliefs as well. I do hope that you enjoy reading it:

I wasn't born to conform to society's norm.
by Shawna Johnson

My thinking may be a little off track,
to the majority of idle people,
my behavior may seem wack,
But I'm real,
that's the entire ordeal,
I'm a truthful fulfilling meal.

I don't gossip and join the negative crew,
If I inform u of news,
its to bring justice for u to pursue.

I don't walk around with my nose in the air,
But if u cross me and attempt to destroy my good name,

I say hello to everyone I meet,
even paros on the street, I greet.

I'm a good friend to the end,
And if u can't fathom that notion,
Too bad for u, ur drinking a deadly potion.

There are not too many true people in this world,
walking this earth,
But I carry on,
looking for purity like a innocent birth.

I walk by grace and faith, not by sight,
Man is destruction,
I put on my armor like a knight.

I do work for charity,
never thinking of myself,
I aid others,
not packing away money on a shelf.
I desire to empower the next generation,
Go out of my way, without hesitation.

Don't be threatened by my knowledge and good ways,
Straighten up and leave the crooked maze,

I wasn't born to conform to society's norm.

P.S. Shawna enjoy your vacation and hurry back to the Nature Isle of the World... We already miss you

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Roseau needs sporting facilities

Every now and then as President of the National Youth Council of Dominica I am called upon to give my views about various national and youth issues. I did an interview last night about the lack of sporting facilities and opportunities for urban youth. Here is the outcome of this interview on one of the more recent internet news fora for the Caribbean region.

See the story here

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment

Monday, June 6, 2011

This Carib Girl

I wrote this poem over the weekend. It is about a Kalinago girl, the object of my affection/dejection. You will get the point...

This Kalinago Girl

I marveled at this young lady,

Sun-kissed skin, jet black hair

I had this yearning feeling,

Wanted her to be only mine!

I needed to make my approach,

Make the best of first impressions,

Because she had just the prettiest smile

That you ever did see…

Yes, that you ever did see.

But I was afraid

To bring to her attention,

This longing admiration,

So I adored from far off.

Oh yes, I’m in love

In love with this Kalinago girl…

Feelings still bottled up,

Enclosed in the back of my mind.

Failure to bring it forth,

Detrimental to my own mental health.

I’m ambushed by my own excitement,

Self-restriction causing me affliction,

Trapped by my very own feelings.

Such anguish in my very own soul…

Yes, in my very own soul.

Because I was afraid

To bring to her attention,

This longing admiration,

So I adored from far off.

Oh yes, I’m in love

In love with this Kalinago girl…

Time passed and feelings changed,

So admiration turned to resentment,

As fear overwhelmed me.

The kind words that encircled my thoughts,

Became overran by scorn.

So overthrown by dejection

The rose grow out its thorn

Suppressed emotions became released anger

Yes, became released anger.

Cause I was afraid

To bring to her attention,

This longing admiration,

So I adored from far off.

Oh yes, I was in love

In love with this Kalinago girl…