Thursday, June 9, 2011

I wasn't born to conform!

Every now and then I feature work from other poets on my site, whether they are established, up and coming or new acts. The only difference with this piece is that the young lady doesn't consider herself a poet, although she has written and performed a number of well-crafted works. She has performed at various events including the Nature Island Literary Festival and is noted for her wonderful event planning and management of the Word, Sound and Power night at the Anchorage Hotel and even Roti and Poetry night at her own home.

This piece speaks to me and articulates certain of my qualities and beliefs as well. I do hope that you enjoy reading it:

I wasn't born to conform to society's norm.
by Shawna Johnson

My thinking may be a little off track,
to the majority of idle people,
my behavior may seem wack,
But I'm real,
that's the entire ordeal,
I'm a truthful fulfilling meal.

I don't gossip and join the negative crew,
If I inform u of news,
its to bring justice for u to pursue.

I don't walk around with my nose in the air,
But if u cross me and attempt to destroy my good name,

I say hello to everyone I meet,
even paros on the street, I greet.

I'm a good friend to the end,
And if u can't fathom that notion,
Too bad for u, ur drinking a deadly potion.

There are not too many true people in this world,
walking this earth,
But I carry on,
looking for purity like a innocent birth.

I walk by grace and faith, not by sight,
Man is destruction,
I put on my armor like a knight.

I do work for charity,
never thinking of myself,
I aid others,
not packing away money on a shelf.
I desire to empower the next generation,
Go out of my way, without hesitation.

Don't be threatened by my knowledge and good ways,
Straighten up and leave the crooked maze,

I wasn't born to conform to society's norm.

P.S. Shawna enjoy your vacation and hurry back to the Nature Isle of the World... We already miss you


Tropical Ties said...

Cool - Love it!! "I wasn't born to conform..."
Ya we miss you Shawna

Shawna said...

Your friendship has been a constant blessing to my life.
Keep up the positive vision for the youths of Dominica.
If there were a hundred like you, the world would be ever so sweeeet.
Looking forward to working with you again...REAL SOON!
Thanks for posting my piece!
Love and Guidance,