Thursday, October 4, 2012

River Lime? I think not

What I thought would have been a nice river lime on a very hot Saturday morning, turned out to feel more like work as the hours passed by... Two hours walking upstream along the Belles River is no easy task; and made even more difficult carrying bags of garbage and helping other people get across the currents and cross the river around ten or eleven times.

The occasion was the World Rivers Day "River Walk and Cleanup" organized by the Global Environment Facility local office, in collaboration with the Youth Environment Service (YES) Corps and the Dominica Youth Environment Organisation (DYEO).  This activity also included the participation of students and teachers from five secondary schools: 

  1. Dominica Grammar School;
  2. Pierre Charles Secondary School;
  3. Goodwill Secondary School;
  4. Castle Bruce Secondary School; and the
  5. Northeast Comprehensive High School.
Overall, it was a very fulfilling walk; a wonderful but tiring experience but the river bath at the end made it all worth it...

Nikisha Dalrymple and I playing our part 

Check out more pics here

The DYEO is also hosting a National Beach and Waterways Cleanup on the 13th of October (the day after my birthday), which will involve over 30 communities across Dominica. To get involved check out the Facebook page.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The One

Wrote this poem last night while reflecting on my life and relationships:

The One
Can quickly become just another one,
And you’re left with no one
As the one you loved is now gone;
You find yourself still searching for someone
And suddenly, you start considering anyone,
Because your age starts to creep up one by one.
You’re no longer twenty one, But thirty or forty one...
And the biological clock ticks away past the day you were born.
Out of the blue you start to feel the emptiness of being only one,
A seclusion that can send anyone
Scrambling to be with someone.
At the end of it all, no one likes to be just one.