Monday, July 27, 2009

Cricket and more cricket

This time I am talking about the sport and not the insect. I haven't posted on my blog since last weekend and that's because I was a little busy and just didn't have the time to seat down and type. I think I needed the week off as well.

But i'm back and although I dont have any poems to post (building up my collection to have in my new book), I do have a electric experience to rant and rave about. Yesterday I was at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium in downtown Roseau, well actually I was next door since I live in Roseau to witness the first International One Day Match between the West Indies and Bangladesh in Dominica at the brand new (open to debate) venue.

I had a first hand view, because as an usher I had access to more facilitaties than the average fan and I did take advantage of that. I didn't get any autographs, the Head Usher frowned upon that type of interaction with the players, but I did manage to talk to a few of them and even found myself in the party stand (no free food or drinks though).

What I most enjoyed about being there was the crowd's energy and how supportive they were of both teams during the game. The thousands didn't bother which team was performing well, every run, four or six was cheered (for those who don't understand the sport this can be very complicating). Off course, I didn't have much time to really watch the early hours of the game as I had to be ushering the fans to their respective seats but I was able to witness the demise of the makeshift West Indies team at the hands of the superior Bangladesh team.

It was almost like waiting on the obvious after the first hour of West Indies batting innings, all that was debatable was the number of runs that the team would achieve and the margin of defeat. I was disappointed in the team's overall effort but there were still moments of brilliance and times when the whole environment made me observe in awe at everything going on.

I will surely do it again and very soon since I am up for volunteer duty again on Tuesday for the Second International One Day match, let's hope the Windies can square up the series. I got my fingers and toes crossed, Wish us luck...


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Maureen said...

Glad to hear the the first ODI at Windsor Park had a great atmosphere & lots of people turn up to witness this historic day. Just a shame about the score.