Friday, July 31, 2009

Bangladesh turns the table

I am a sore loser, why should I like losing anyways, it's not like I get anything from it, well except the lessons learnt but it's not like I want to learn anything from a loss. But somehow, it seems like the Caribbean cricket team, the West Indies behaves in the opposite and have become so used to losing matches that it has become an artform to the present generation of players.

I've always heard about the glory days, when the team were World Champs and could do no wrong, now it seems like they can do no right. I don't know much about the politics of sports but i'm sure that those involved in the regional management needs to be fired, just let go the entire board, the players, coaches and let everybody re-apply for the positions. Then through a careful selection process you choose those who you feel can do that job or to hell with everybody, you just hire new people and build from the ground up with a new crop of young players who haven't yet been influenced by the greedy and power hungry.

The players are as much to blame as the West Indies Cricket Board. Hey, I would even blame the legends of the game, the commentators and some fans. In fact, everybody who has somehow contributed to the state of the current game needs to go. I am of the mindset now, after seeing them under-perform in two one-day internationals that the bunch of overpaid employees should all be axed. It is not just the losing, its the manner in which they lose, they showed no enthusiasm, no real determination to fight it out until the end, I hate to see the state of the game.

But as usual, nothing is going to get done about it, we are just too laissez-faire and have come to accept mediocrity within all aspects of our island-life. Lord help the Caribbean game, once a source of pride and power, now a sight of shame and promise without purpose. Shame on them.

In the meantime, I did enjoy the environment at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium; with the moko jumbies, lapo kabwit, digicel girls and carnivalesque atmosphere. I would love another national event soon, but maybe football next time around. Another defeat at the Windsor Park for the West Indies might just send me to the grave, the supporters grave that is, never to return again. We only had one real thing to cheer about (the century by Dowlin), but the crowd cheered on everything because moments like these are meant to be cherised. So now the history books have to be written, Bangladesh first series win in a One-Day International came against the West Indies team in beautiful Dominica. My country has to bear the shame of the shameless team. Ah mag way sah


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Maureen said...

Excellent blogpost...The little of what I understand of this situation, the WICB should all be a shame of themselves...