Friday, July 31, 2009

Saving You

Just another love, (well heartbreak) poem that I pieced together from some rhymes and lines that I had scribbled some time back. Had them stored in my likle black book, the one I keep wiht me at all times...

Saving You

I had to set you free
I did it for you baby
It wasn't for me
That's how much I love you
I knew I would hurt you
So before our love grew
I had to walk out on you

You didn't understand it then
but I hope you get it now
I'm sorry I took so long
I trust it's clear to you now
I let you go
because i'm afraid to be loved,
because I love you too much

Too much to disappoint you
Too much to disappoint me
So I'd rather leave in regret
but with the knowledge
That I saved you from myself

by Nesta

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