Sunday, July 19, 2009

Event-full Saturday

Yesterday started so wrong but ended so well, alot better than I had expected. There were alot of bumps on the road but by the time the day ended it was a smooth ride.

After a hectic morning and bad weather making my way to Castle Bruce (East coast of Dominica) for the 8th Bi-Annual General Assembly of the National Youth Council, I was re-elected President for my first two-year term but my second stint at the helm of the Organization. I have a team of rookies as well as experience players as it relates to youth work and youth organizations but i'm hoping for the best and we continue with the good work that we have started.

If I thought the bad weather of the morning was passed and it was gonna be all sunshine for the rest of the day, then I was dead wrong. I found myself in the midst of a traffic jam in Massacre and Canefield because of floods. Yes the land of many mountains floods, well flash floods anyway. With waters reach near half way up the vehicle I was driving, it felt like something from out of the movies and it wasn't just in once location, we had to cross three different large pools of muddy, dirty water. The ladies were scared but still found some strength to take photos and giggle away from time to time.

And if you thought that my day was over and the excitement was done then you are still wrong. Last night, my team (Bath Estate Football Club), of which I am a former player and PRO won our second Newtown Football League Championship in two years, yes back to back champions, beating our bitter rivals 2-0. What makes the victory even sweeter is that earlier this year, we were beaten by the same Cesseme Street team 3-0. Revenge is so sweet.

Off course we had to flaunt our victory with a motorcade/parade through the streets of Roseau and Newtown making them fully aware of who the real champions are, hats off to the Estate Boys. Blue, blue...Estate For True.


Michelle Nicole said...

I was not worried! I had full faith in your driving! My giggles get me through the day...

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