Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Day Camp is over

The National Youth Council closed its door today on the 2009 Summer Day Camp (Arts and Expressions; Changing Lives) much to the disappointment of the students but mostly the parents. The two week camp had its graduation ceremony this morning where the participants put on a show for the few parents and media officials who showed up.

From song, dance, skits and even a exhibit of work made up part of the event. A number of parents made recommendations to improve the camp but the most telling idea was to increase the camp from 2 weeks to a month and from a morning camp to a full day camp.

To the innocent bystander this may seem a simple and practical suggestion but the real issue is that the parents need a centre where they can dump off (for want of a better word) their children so that they could be the responsibility of some one else. Dominican parents can be something else, lol.

I enjoyed every minute I spent at the camp and the kids (hope the haters don't take me to task for this word) really enjoyed their every moment and a number of them looked sad to finally walk away from the Dominica Public Service Union halls.

Well at least they got something to look forward to next summer and we anticipate a bumper crowd of children. This year we had to accomodate a lot more than we anticipated, almost double the number we really had projected that would participate. So until next year...


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