Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life Can Be So Cruel: Andy Roddick poem

I am a huge fan of tennis, more Venus and Serena Williams than anybody else but I also love men's tennis. I have followed the sport ever since I was around 9 or 10 and my favourite player is/was Andre Agassi.

For that reason, I never like Pete Sampras and also because I felt he always stood in the way of Agassi and a Grand Slam Trophy. My favourite match between the two was when neither had a break of each other's serve at the US Open, I believe it was at the US Open, but Sampras still managed to beat Agassi.

Sunday I saw a similar match unfold while I was watching tennis on TV and I wrote a poem at the end of the match. I wrote this one for Andy Roddick, after I saw his defeat at the hands of Roger Federer at The Championships, Wimbledon on Sunday. He worked so hard but still didn't win and I felt for him, just as I felt for Agassi.

So here it is:
Life Can Be So Cruel

Life can be so cruel
To he who falls short of victory.
Just once you’d like to win
But the feeling of success evades you.

Why did life have to choose you?
Being remembered as second best...
Moments before you cross the finish line,
Someone comes to pass you by.

It hurts even worst,
When that person doesn’t need to win.
They’ve tasted victory before
But defeat has to be your meal.

And there’s always that one reminder
Of the moment you reached so close,
A moment when victory was within grasp,
But instead you walked away in defeat.
by Nesta

BTW, congrats to Serena and Venus Williams on winning the women's singles and doubles championships at Wimbledon... more to come for the trophy mantle.

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Maureen said...

I'm also a big fan of tennis for as long as I can remember...Wimbledon fortnight I was glued to the box & watch almost everyone of Venus & Serena matches who are my favourites...Andrea Agassi & Andy Roddick are also my favourites...I have actually been to Wimbledon on many occasions to watch the above four play.

Great mens final...felt so sorry for Andy...If it wasn't for Roger...Andy would of won a few more Grand Slam trophies IMHO...

Excellent poem as always...

PS Check out Black Tennis Professionals blog...