Thursday, July 17, 2014

Something About Nesta

by Delroy Nesta Williams

There something about me
That I can't put my finger on
I'm hoping that you can tell me
Release me of this mystery
That keeps me up at night
I can't seem to get things right
I talk a good talk
But when I'm around her
I mess up all my words
I get so damn nervous
And hours later
When I'm all alone
I figure out all the right things I wanted to say
And every sentence that she uttered
Stayed etched in my brain
And plays over and over, like a gospel refrain
Honestly, she has the most beautiful of smiles
Formed by those beauty-full lips
That sometimes part ways
To let out that simple giggle
The one that makes me weak in the knees
She has that twinkle in her eyes when she speaks
She calls me all kind of names
Babes, luv, boy, and even bae
But I prefer when she raises her voice
And shouts Delroy Nesta Williams
Then I know to drop everything that I'm doing
And give her my full attention
Because nothing is as important
As giving her my everything
But her silence can also be as deafening
Like when she doesn't say anything
For hours at a time
Especially when I need her cool confidence to soothe my wondering mind
She's like love music blowing in the wind
On a rainy, cold night
She's the new moon's light
That eastern village that welcomes the sunrise
The beach that greets the low tide's wave
She just knows what to say
And exactly when I need to hear it
"Do I have to be spelled out?" she asked,
Sensing that I needed the reassurance
She's always giving off that allure
And if there's something wonderfully different about Nesta
Know that it is her!

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