Sunday, July 6, 2014

Internal Affairs

by Delroy Nesta Williams 

A sign of things to come
I think it's time that I run, run, run
Reality turning into nightmares
When all I wanted was a dream
Something to aspire to become
But life isn't always what it seems
Friends are often just convenient enemies
And lovers, something of the imagination
Time is always the greatest teacher
Conscience the loudest preacher
But we never ever listen
Until it's too late
Until time has sealed our fate
And there are signs everywhere
But we prefer to ignore
We prefer to explore
Just postponing the inevitable
Because we're pigeonholed to the situation
Although we wish the circumstances to be different
Because deep down we always want things to work out
But we're swimming against the tide
So how long can we survive?
In this constant battle
Against our very own thoughts and feelings
We're destined to fall short
Yes, we will succumb
Because you can only fight yourself for so long!

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