Thursday, July 3, 2014

And Sometimes (part 2)

by Delroy Nesta Williams

It isn't often that I write a "part 2" of a poem, in fact i've never done it until now. So this is a first for me. Part One is also on this blog, click here.

Before I ramble on and get lost in thought (as i often do), here is the second part of the poem And Sometimes:

And sometimes, you just miss her but pride makes you too proud to apologize... and before you know it minutes become hours and hours turn into days and I find myself sitting, staring out the window at the world passing by, stuck in this funky daze

And sometimes, it takes a big man to say you’re sorry but an even bigger man to forgive when he’s been wronged, it’s rough on your side but just swallow your pride and know that if it was you, she would do it too

And sometimes, you got to accept the wrong even when you think you’re right and when you think you should stand up tall and stand your ground, you should listen to your heart instead of your ego because at the end of it all, nothing matters more than seeing her smile and that’s something that you know

And sometimes, it isn’t about who’s right or wrong… it’s about doing what’s good to make the love live on… strengthening the bond and moving on… because if she loves you as much as you love her… then it is just a minor hiccup and not a cough, this is just a hump in the road and not a trough

And sometimes, you got to stop focusing on the shoreline when the goal is the horizon… take a leap of faith together and know that she will be there to hold you up just in case you should falter… that’s when you know that she’s the one… the Queen in your life, the Lady that wears your crown…

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