Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And Sometimes

By Delroy Nesta Williams

Sometimes I just want to chill, and talk with my lady, hold her in my arms till we fall asleep, wake up to her voice and soft, gentle kisses

Sometimes I want to go out, on full moon nights and see the reflection of the stars in her eyes, and let her know, “babes, we’re going to be alright!”

Sometimes I like to be driven so I can put my feet up and look at her sideways, listen to the giggles as her dimples lightens up her face

Sometimes when she’s not looking or paying attention, I close my eyes and imagine that we’re both on a deserted island and like Adam and Eve will roam the land naked and never be ashamed because together we’re simply ideal

Sometimes I wish I could just read her thoughts, I wanna know if she’s as happy as she makes me feel, because I feel just like the butterflies and even the bees, collecting nectar from all the world’s flowers to make honey for my Queen!

Sometimes I wish she could feel what I feel, because every time she’s round me I get weak in the knees, I mix up my words and can’t finish my thoughts, she got this effect on me, I’m completely in love

Sometimes I wish she could see what I see, show her how much she compliments me… how she crosses my t’s and dots my I’s, like butter for toast or peanut butter and jelly… baby, you basically complete me 

Sometimes I wish I could fly, so I could take her to Paris, France, the city of Romance so we can have dinner and dance, somewhere along the Champs-Elysees or maybe simply sip some choco-lattes at a sidewalk café

Sometimes I just want to hold her hands, tight like hands in gloves, while walking through the streets in town, let the boy on the street corner who’s whistling at her know… “Yow, she’s taken bro!”

Sometimes I want to fight, not physically but just a few choice words that get her mad at me, so we can break up and then have make up – sex. 

Sometimes, I use my lips to part her lips, sometimes fingertips but never fists... and sometimes the lips that need parting aren't found near the cheeks or in front of teeth… 

Sometimes, I wanna just go down town, let her know her man can use his tongue… and he’s not afraid to say it - he finds pleasure in kissing her clit;

Sometimes, I get this insatiable appetite but my baby knows just what her man likes, fingernail scratches and soft bites, as we make love by candlelight… yup, this feels just right!

Sometimes, I just want to walk along Mero beach or take a trip to Wotten Waven hot springs, see the excitement in her eyes when I pull her against me, whisper sweet somethings – like “baby girl, will you marry me?”

Sometimes, she kinda makes me mad, when she gets in a fit and gets on bad, but when I sit down and reflect, she’s the one who’s got my back and that can never be replaced… 

But most times, I just wanna get on my knees and praise the Lord, for he sent me an angel in human flesh and form… thanks for the lady in my life, I promise to one day soon make her my wife. 

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