Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Heart Speaks (Battling Demons)

The Heart Speaks (Battling Demons)
By Delroy N. Williams

On my knees looking up
So ashamed of what I have become
A single tear falling from my eye
Because all I can do right now is cry
And even that proves difficult
I’ve dug myself into a world of trouble
Words can’t even help me now
This situation is killing me emotionally
I look fine on the outside
But I’ve been slowly dying spiritually
And only I and the Lord knows why
I’ve kept this pain inside for so long
Now I just can’t find a way to let it out
I try to scream, but can’t make a sound
I hope the Lord understands my heart
Because I’m in need of a brand new start!
Lord, it looks so rough
From this place where I kneel
Will I ever find healing?
Because I’ve been through so much
And I can’t help but feel that’s there much more to come
Take me by the hand, I need your refuge
I’m scared, I must admit
I’m in a ditch, looking up at a summit
Dark thoughts cloud my day
Nightmares haunt my nights
I don’t know what to do next
Feeling like I’m slowing disappearing
Something like evanescence
And that’s has me shook up
One minute I’m fine
The other I’m losing my damn mind
So, so confused
Feeling like the focus of a ruse
And everyone looks on laughing
They all know the plot
But all I can do is assume
Feeling so undervalued
Will I ever find my place in the cold, lonely world?
Or am I going to forever wonder
What’s my purpose here on Earth!

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Rum-Punch Drunk said...

Battling demons for sure mate. You need to get that shovel and start to make progress on getting yourself out of that ditch. Some of those demons have a loud roar but they are smaller than ants.