Wednesday, October 9, 2013


By Delroy Nesta Williams and Dionne Francis

There’s something I’ve been wondering
Wondering from the day of my birth
What’s my purpose here on earth?
From a younging, I’ve been questioning
And no one's willing to provide the answer
I’m feeling like I’m searching for the unknown,
Someone lend me a compass,
Help me in the right direction.
Though in my mind I’m still wondering
If it'll be the right direction
What if it’s advice derived from an imagination?
What if the answer does not meet up to my satisfaction?
I just started my route but I wonder if it’s going to be rocky, curved or straight at the end
Is there a heavenly gate?
Some say at the end you see the light
Will my quest be easy or do I have to put up a fight?
I feel like I'm heading towards self-destruction
Like I'm about to drink this concoction,
Leading to suicide,
A fate from which I just can't hide
What about all my hopes and dreams?
I’m simple tired of this frustrating reality
Should I really take the next step and jump?
Will I crash and burn to the floor
Or suddenly develop wings of an angel and soar?
Fly through the sky and look at the world from the clouds,
Suddenly my life has no bounds,
I can do all that i put my mind too,
It's like I've suddenly discovered superpowers,
A means to and end of my struggles
I know it's all a risk
But it's one I’m willing to take
I need to differentiate between what's real and what's fake
My life feels like pieces of a puzzle scattered
Like some sort of a brain teaser to put together
I often ask myself "am I in my right mind?"
But is there even a wrong mind?
Am I not supposed to make my own decisions?
From today I am on a new mission.
No more stressing,
Or seeking answers without asking the right questions
Need to understand who I am,
Before I find my place within the master's plan,
Or is it the other way around?
Now I am even more confused and feeling dumb...
Life is really a maze,
Getting through it depends on the steps you take
And one wrong decision of the past,
Can lead to you being miles off track.
But never stop running, never stop moving,
Because that's when the situation overwhelms you,
And you find yourself in a world of trouble.
But in the end it's all worth it,
You can look back at your life and say "hey, I’ve made it"
You may not get to the finish line looking perfect,
But once you get to end you will realize
All the bullshit was time well spent. 

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