Sunday, June 29, 2014


#disclaimer: this is not a true story and it isn't about me either, just to be clear

by Delroy Nesta Williams

Standing there, nervous as she kissed my chest and neck
Lightning across my body, I stood erect
Stripping me of all my garments
Inhaled to take in her cocoa butter smell
That dark chocolate hue from head to toe
Running my hands all over
Those nipples supple yet stiff
Standing firm upon mounds of joy
Reminded me of a Julie mango on a hot summer’s day
All the juices running between my fingers
Then she asks me to kiss her clit
I bowed down to salute between her thighs
Like a seal, I just nosedived
Her body reacted, tsunami waves
She’s quaking… tremors all over
Her face reddening like Mars’ surface
Her four long limbs locking my head in place
Nails digging into the back of my head
As she moans and groans
Instrumental music of the nude
Stuck in a trance, a kind of meditation
Her body jumps then I swallow
She curls away
Not wanting my touch
Left wondering what I did wrong
The look in her eyes says different
Suddenly she jumps up, wanting me inside
I enter her gates
But with one swing of her waist
I ejaculate!

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