Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Love Is My Love

by Delroy Nesta Williams 

My love is only my love 
But it is always being questioned 
Just because it doesn't conform
To your own definition 
My love doesn't see colour
But my love understands
That because of its colour, 
It won't be loved the same
And because of its colour,
You will always second guess its genuineness
And you will never be the one to accept
With open arms
Because when my forefathers offered up my love
You preferred to bears arms
Sell us out or kill us off
Still my love has survived
And now it has chosen to swallow it's pride
Burying it alive
In the bowels of nothingness
Because my love though aware of the past
That built its strong foundation
Isn't limited to just history
And doesn't want its love for you to be tainted
But rather to be true
Like how the sky makes the ocean appear to be blue
My love is like that fish that swims
The bird that flies
It just wants to be free to be
Roam from flower to flower
Sucking up nectar like a bee
And still provide you with its perfect honey
But be careful my love will sting
If you continue to mistreat it
And your body will swell
Something like an allergic reaction
But my love also gives massages
After a long hard day at the office
And sometimes my love wants a pillow fight
Before slipping into the bed to make love all night
You see my love can't be defined
It's still genuine, not at all refined
Because my love has traveled from the mothered land
And built a home in a borrowed land
Across deep blue seas and tousled oceans
And my love will continue to progress
Will see beyond your shortsightedness
A lot further than the horizon
That you’ve preconceived to keep me trapped at the seashore
Because I want my feet to get wet
I want to feel the sea breeze through my hair
Taste the salt on my tongue
And when all is said and done
If the sails of my vessel are torn by rough winds
And my love capsized by a tsunami-sized wave
You can be sure that my love will still endure
Because my love knows no other way
Because my love is a survivor

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