Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Love On The Run

By Delroy Nesta Williams

Strange, this feeling I'm feeling
You may belong to another
But that can't keep me from yearning
For you touch, your kiss and your loving
I know it must feel wrong to you to act on this emotion
But wrong never felt this good and put me in such an ecstatic mood
So I'm biting the bullet and hoping for the best
Let's see how long we could keep this a secret
From your friends, family and your boyfriend
I'm taking this to the grave, I'm with you until the end
Late night rendez-vous, from midnight til half past two
Would love to wake up in your arms to greet the rising sun
But we both know that we can't have it all
So right now I'm simply content to have some love and lust on the run
Like two teenagers, we're just having fun
No one to point fingers and to cast blame
No guilt and no shame in this game
Of love, lust, just two bodies wanting each other
Lovers in the dark, but in daylight content to be strangers
Who knows what's next
As we make our way through life's maze
But one thing is for sure we will always have these memories
Moments to keep me warm when I'm alone
Something to look back on and smile when I'm old
As I remember the first time you let me close
The look in your eyes and the nervous excitement
As I leaned in for the kiss
Your lips barely parted when we started
But I lit a fire in your soul
And pretty soon, you were the one losing all forms of control
Digging your nails into my skin
While I'm praying God forgives us for this sin
Since that moment we've been running on pure emotion
If we stop and think that will ruin everything
And I hope you don't see the worry in my eyes or read the danger in my thoughts
Because, I honestly don't want us to stop
This may lead to the detriment of you and I
But what's lust if love is blind?
I see more clearly with my eyes closed to this world so full of judgment
So let's pay them no mind
We will deal with the end when it gets here
Because in my heart of hearts I know this can't last forever
But I won't walk away if you promise me you'll always stay
Even if the world discovers what we keep under covers
I can survive though the pain if I have to
I just can't survive if we stop now and don't see this thru.

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