Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Walk for Education video

I just checked out the video for the "Walk for Education" activity that was organized by the National Youth Council of Dominica and the Dominica Reunion 2008 Office. As usual, the politicians were the ones highlighted however it didnt detract from the moment and significance of encouraging D/cans to contribute to the fund.

It was maybe one of better activities so far, and i say that with my bias because i was involved in the planning and execution and because i am the President of the Youth Council. Just want to again thank all D/cans who participated, contributed or supported in whatever way possible. Our job isnt done yet, the Education Trust Fund still needs assistance and for further information you can always contact the office of the National Youth Council of Dominica at or telephone number 448 6944.

Any other ideas or concerns for youth activities and developed can also be given to us as we are very receptive, ready and willing to assist in the various ways that we do.

Check out the video on the Diaspora-Dominican website by clicking here


NYC President

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