Monday, September 8, 2008

to the Land of the Rising Sun I go

Im on my way to the Land of the Rising Sun, well at least i will be on my way come this time tomorrow. I am so fortunate to see many parts of the world, what an interesting life i live, although sometimes i feel like my life is stagnant and boring, but i think that millions of people would probably love the opportunity to go to Japan so i'm making the most of it.
I wont be the only Dominican or West Indian, as we will be attending a month-long Youth Leaders in Agriculture (Rural Development) workshop which is being sponsored by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). They have a long list of training programs and have offices in most developing countries, so if you're interested you can probably do an internet search and find out more info.

I will try my best to get as much pics of Japan as possible, even if my digital camera isnt working right now (the thing got issues, i swear it is a female, lol).

For now, i am just putting the final things in place, already got my ticket, will be going through barbados and trinidad to pick up my respective visas, then off to canada (ontario and vancouver) then to Japan.

Wish me the best as i go in search of saki and kobe (i think that is how it is spelt) beef.


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