Sunday, September 28, 2008

MY 3's

Category of things about you in answer of 3's, well sort of because i added and subtracted to mine a bit, you can make up your own categories too:

Three Places I have worked (are working): Division of Agriculture, NAYA Inc., National Youth Council of Dominica

Three places I have lived: Dominica (Bath Estate, Citronier, Pointe Michel, Roseau and Bath Estate again, Guadeloupe

Three shows that I watch: ESPN Sportscenter, Pardon the Interruption,

Three places I have been: Japan, Romania, France, Caribbean, Africa, etc

Three people who read my blog often: Maureen, Patricia

Three of my favourite foods: codfish and provisions, fish broth, Dominican pumpkin soup.

Three places I'd rather be right now: Dominica, St. Vincent and Japan (where I am right now)

Three things I am looking forward to this year: Dominica World Creole Music Festival, my birthday (October 12) and visiting St. Vincent

Three things I do in the privacy of my room: write poetry, take care of my aquarium, read books (what were you expecting, lol)

Three sports I play or try to play: Football, Cricket and more Football

Three favourite words or phrases: Basically, look seen, for true den

and the list continues...

1 comment:

Mekeysha said...

humm whats with u and my country boy. first u rather be here right now and then u looking forward to visiting,i guess something or someone here have a hold on you. anyways i hope u enjoy ur visit to my country i try make u enjoy it though