Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quote of the week: Jetzzz's style...

Quote of the week:

I decided to add a new category to my blog and bless everyone with the quotes that i live by, follow, find or develop myself and off course also give insight into what i believe they mean and the impact they have or can have on my life. This is also in hope to assist my readers in pattern their lives after positive thoughts.
This week's quote, the first of many more, comes from Japan. I have found a love for this country and its leaders, historians, rituals, beliefs and customs. It is alot different from what i have experienced coming from a small Caribbean island, Dominica, but i can still relate to alot of the teachings and every day i marvel at how constructive and detailed and at the same time very simple life can be for a Japanese.

The first quote comes from Nitobe, Inaz┼Ź agricultural economist, author, educator, diplomat, and politician during Meiji period and Taisho period Japan. He spent his life working towards peace and diplomacy and unto his death left a trail for others to follow. More information about him can be found at Wikipedia.

His quote that i choose to highlight in this blog is "To live is to work for others: To die is to do nothing. Self renunciation is the beginning of life."

Off course, i had already realised that a life of service to others is the best life someone can live, hence why i am so involved in community, service groups as well as my field of work (agriculture). I am not the one to point fingers at persons and tell them what they should or shouldn't be doing because i believe that one's conscience should be their guide but every now and then i wish some people could show some compassion, assist someone in need, just give a helping that. That gesture could go a long way in saving lives both directly and indirectly. I think it was Tupac who said that he may not save the world but he guarantees that he would spark the mind of someone who did or something like that.

But just to get back to my original quote, it is quite simple, we begin to truly live life when we serve others and i'm living life right now and encouraging others to do the same.
Other Quotations from him include:
"What is important is to try to develop insights and wisdom rather than mere knowledge, respect someone's character rather than his learning, and nurture men of character rather than mere talents."

"If there is anything to do, there is certainly a best way to do it, and the best way is both the most economical and the most graceful."
Until next week's quote: be good, do good.

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