Monday, September 15, 2008

Viewing Miracle Lake, Dominica

jus want to share a pic that i took out at Miracle Lake in Dominica on Sunday 7, September 2008, the day before i left for Japan. That was one nice experience and just the thing i needed to get me missing DA. I am now in Japan and i cant wait to get back home. The experience in Japan so far is a good one. Im taking some nice pics too, mainly of myself and the other Dominican on the trip so hopefully i will share them soon.

To get back to the Lake now, for those who dont know the story:

One of the newest natural wonder on Dominica is the Miracle Lake. This lake came into being 1997. The local people also call it the Holy Lake, because it`s genesis began on Sunday and went on for seven days. Originally the whole territory was a plateau till this Sunday in May of 1997. In the night a gigantic underground cave began to collapse, the ground level sank for approximately 100 meters and built within the seven days the Miracle Valley which filled with water afterwards.

Today`s natural wonder was a catastrophy for the farmer. Nearly all his plantations got damaged within seven days. The conclusion is that the Miracle Valley and Lake are situated on the private property and can only be visited with a permission of the owner. Besides it would be very dangerous to look for the way down to the lake on your own, as the land is still moving and it leads approximately 100 meters down in a very steep and slippy trail.
I didnt make it to the shores of the Lake because of the weather but im sure i will be back sometime soon because i just want to feel that green water between my fingers. Im hoping that my environmental group (Dominica Youth Environment Organization) who organized the visit will also come along for that one as well when we descend Miracle Valley.

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