Friday, May 22, 2009

My fave five of the week

Another week; another list of my five favourite things of that week:
  1. the 4D Ag Centre Bath Estate team are back to back national football (soccer) champions. Blue Blue, Estate For True; going for a three-peat;

  2. Got some donuts and banana bread from my friend Michelle; a peace corps volunteer at the National Youth Council of Dominica; you can check out her donut story on her blog. She always have some wonderful baked goods, keep em coming Michelle, I want to put on some weight, lord knows 140 aint much, lol;

  3. Had a wonderful night on Monday; Walked through Roseau up to Goodwill and spent some time in the middle of the Lindo Park football field looking at the "stars" for about an hour or so;

  4. My farmers treated my supervisor, karen (my friend) and I to lunch; we had a one pot brath and some wine, Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch. My farmers really know how to treat me well, lol, except when they arguing for seeds and fertilizer, then it is a verbal onslaught. But at the end of the day it's all good.

  5. Hosted the environmental program (Environment and Sustainable Development) last night on Kairi FM radio. We discussed Invasive Alien Species as the theme for International Day for Biodiversity (today) as well as Access and Benefit Sharing for Genetic Resources.


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Michelle Nicole said...

Thanks for the Blog Love! I am glad you enjoy my baked goods. Sadly, I do not have anymore of that cake left because it was a Birthday Cake-- but I may have something else on Monday! Enjoy! I drove through your town on the bus today! :o)