Friday, May 8, 2009

My five (5)

Well ever so often I get this idea to add something new to my blog. In the past i've added quote of the week, what's in my music player and now i'm starting a new one, called my five.

It's kind of a tribute to myFaves by Tmobile and inspired because i'm a big basketball fan (go Celtics) and i'm always tuned into TNT basketball show where the different starts always give their five favourites based on various topics.

There is also a popular song in Dominica call Five by 2 Greedi which speaks of the different women he wants as his favourite five. I definitely appreciate his Five but mine speaks of something else, my five is dedicated to the things I may take for granted that happens to me during any particular week. Some people may have experience these things but alot of the time we take it for granted that we are able to do, see or even observe them.

So here is my Five for the week:

  1. Sleeping all day sunday; actually only left the bed to have something to eat;

  2. Going to the Purple Turtle for a day on the beach with a few friends; got to play beach football and chill for a change on May Day;

  3. My friend Michelle brought me some oatmeal cookies; delicious. I shared them at work with some colleagues and even lied about baking them. I told the truth later in the day though, can't take my friend's praise. What kinda person would that make me;
  4. Met with a new friend (Karen) who is actually visiting Dominica for the next three or four months. She came to experience the Nature Island and spent the past week and the International Eco-Festival at Rosalie. Well on Thursday she came to work with me and while visiting the farmers in my district, she had her first guava. She has had the juice but it was her first bite into the fruit, her facial expression said it all, she devoured it;

  5. Last night I walked home in the rain, all alone, well except for the young lady who kept me company on the phone. It was a nice night, with the moon almost fall and the light drizzle hitting against my face. All that was missing was some jazz or reggae music in the background.



TropicallyTied said...

Ahh I remember those days of sleeping all day Sunday....that's definitely one for a top 5

Xango said...