Thursday, May 28, 2009

garbage bin scandal

I'm not one to meddle in politics or to even promote political issues but I can't escape this one, I don't think anyone in Dominica can. The present government, led by the Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit has come under hot water for the procurement of garbage bins. Who would have ever thought that garbage bins would become such an important pre-election issue, lol.

Facts (got the facts from an email, not sure if that makes them irrelevant) as presented about the garbage bin scandal:

  1. Invoice for 2,700 residential garbage bins at US$102.19 sent by Dopwell to Skerrit on April 22, 2008.

  2. nvoiced price is said to be good through June 05, 2008

  3. The retail price of the bins eventually supplied (Roughneck 32Gal Non-Wheeled Refuse Bin from Rubbermaid) is as low as US$14.67 at Home Depot locations

  4. Item is not provided for in the 2007/2008 budget

  5. Members of the Roseau City Council are not aware of any decision to have government source garbage bins on behalf of the council

  6. Payments for the US equivalent of EC$275,909.98 and EC$473,887.74 (total of EC$749,797.72) made to Dopwell/Logistical Supply Solution by wire transfer from the National Bank of Dominica (NBD) on May 09, 2008

  7. Dopwell places on on May 13, 2008 request quotations for the supply of bins CIF Dominica

  8. Bins arrive in Dominica on September 24, 2008

  9. Government grants itself concessions to import the bins duty free on September 26, 2008.

  10. Concession scheduled to expire on February 26, 2009

  11. Skerrit presents supplementary budgetary appropriation to Parliament on October 06, 2009 and says that EC$764,541.00 was paid to Logistical Supply Solution for the bins that should have cost no more than EC$200,000.

  12. Bins are cleared from customs on April 16, 2009 after a VAT payment of EC$112,400 - six and a half months after they arrived in Dominica WHERE DE MONEY GONE?Do the math.

You be the judge, I'm waiting for the final verdict. Is there corruption or not???

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Ines Q said...

Explain bins more. Fascinating post.Coming from the US , these issues are differetn than the ones we face. Thanks.
Ines Q Compton