Thursday, May 28, 2009

Voix Dominique - Poetry Publication

The Dominican Diaspora ning group, through the esteemed leadership of Dominican Diane Corriette, has compiled a poetry publication, amply entitled Voix Dominique - An Anthology of Dominican Poetry.

The call for submissions was made a few months ago and I, along with other members of the online network, submitted two of my poems:

My Dominica (page 13 of 48)
Stuck (page 45 of 58)

There are also a number of other Dominican poets who have contributed to the anthology including:

Susan Edgar
Albert Williams
Ceasarina Paul

Voix Dominique is a collection of poetry put together by 27 members of the Dominican Diaspora Social Network. The book also contains artwork (including the front cover) created by Dominican Diaspora member Ronald "Baba" Deschamps.

Please feel free to send this book to friends and family or send them the link to this page
To join the Dominican Diaspora Social Network visit


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