Friday, May 29, 2009

Poem: life's education

My sister wanted a poem about school and I wrote one for her, not the kind of school she had in mind but everything that happens throughout our lifetime teaches us something so I took that as my inspiration for the poem. The poem may seem dark to you but I actually draw alot of hope from it.

Life’s Education
By Delroy "Nesta" Williams

There are no walls or blackboards here
And the lesson is taught after the class,
Though the teacher is omni-present
He’s still invisible to the carefree student.

This is a time of personal battles,
Where it seems the world determines the rules,
And just when you think you’ve earned the grades
With graduation on the horizon,
A new lesson from the teacher emerges.

A glimmer of your hope quickly erased in an instant
For two steps forward can lead to a hike from miles away.
There’s no room for petty games in this classroom
As the school is life long
And coronation comes after the grave.

Only death hands over the certificate
As a passage to true liberty,
This depends on personal choices
To a newness that can’t be enslaved.

Only achievable by the path trodden,
To and from the school of life,
But beware of the eternal detention
If you don’t heed life’s lesson.

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