Monday, May 25, 2009

Razzard or Everlasts?

What I remember most about my childhood was going to the river, riding my bike, eating mangoes and off course playing cricket and football in the streets. Most of these took place during the summer when we were free to do as we place and every summer I get the feeling to just stop work for a few days and get back to my old routine.

Football has always been my favourite sport/activity although I don't play it as much these days. As a young boy we didnt have football boots, unless you call the black and yellow razzards as boots, but they looked more like constructions shoes than anything else. So we were reduced to playing with our draggers or ni pied (barefoot) with our everlasts. We referred to the souls of our feet as Everlasts since they last until death.

Saturday took me back, a bit of nostalgia, to those childhood days. I was playing football with my cousins, well not ni pied, but with slippers (draggers) on my feet. They had to be thrown away after the match though, lol. We played two rounds, well actually I was overmatched in both rounds but I managed to outscore my oppenents (a nine year old and seven year old) in the first match, I was tired by the second one (different and older opponents this time).

Many thanks to my cousin Nester Phillip for the pics...


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