Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poem: words of the nomad

Wrote this one yesterday, well I pieced it together from two small works I had and I must say i'm pleased with the final product, hope the readers like it:

"Words of the nomad"

Influenced by the many
but still my own man,
lots of people may speculate
but only I know who I am.
Those who feel that I can't
will soon find out that I can,
for no walls will stop me
no hurdles impede my progress.
I'm steadfast in my thinking
moving forward; always giving my best.

Don't think I am afraid,
or scared of anything at all.
Yes, I know that I may stumble
or even take a fall,
but i'm not walking alone
for my steps are guided
and my vision is clear
for when you think i'm in isolation,
I'll tell you plain; My Lord lingers near.

I know of the naysayers,
those who whisper when I walk pass.
Those who pretend to give advice,
at the same time predict my demise.
Tell them I am strong!
and as the breeze blows,
the sun shines and the rain pours
so my will to carry on.
My burden is mine alone to bear
but I'll carry it with pride.
I have smelled the aroma
and had a taste of life's coffee too,
I live my life for me:
for to myself alone can I be true...

by Nesta

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