Monday, December 1, 2008

World Aids Day 2008

I'm not gonna tell you what to do or anything of the sort, i think it is in everyone's personal choice about how they acknowledge World's Aids Day. However, i am going to point out that it is the 20th anniversary since World's Aids Day is being recognized universally and still some places in the world havent come to grips with the pandemic.
There are still milions in the world who have little or no access to treatment, being discriminated against on the daily and it's time we all take stock. Every little bit of advocacy helps but also showing care and concern for those who are affected is even greater because it could truly happen to anyone.

Although there are particular groups that are more vulnerable and it hurts my heart to know that Sub-saharan Africa and the Caribbean are the most affected geographical areas but HIV/AIDS has touched every region in the World and every group whether male, female, homosexual, heterosexual, black, white, yellow, jew, christian, muslim etc.

I dont want to sound like I am preaching but someone has to say something today. So let's all do the little that we can do today and remember tomorrow that the struggle and fight still continues. The global fight is a daily one.

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