Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quote of the Week: Unknown Author

This week's quote comes from a writing on the walls of an office at the Youth Development Division of the Ministry of Education in Dominica. I frequent this building almost as much as any other place that i go to, sometimes three to four times a week. Every time and I do mean every time I'm there I tend to notice the poster on the wall, I guess I look out for it now.
What i take from the quote is that we must always be active and strive for self improving. It also speaks of sometimes going against the popular choice to choose what is right. We are all guilty of conforming to wrong because it is the popular thing to do at the time.
I do not know the author of the quote and my internet search on google didnt yield any sources so here it is:
"To reach the goal we must at times run with the wind, other times, against it -- but we must certainly run, not walk, nor stand still"
I am hoping that this quote can inspire the readers of this blog to be active and to contribute towards their self development and that of their peers as well, each one reach one.

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megat said...

your picture very beautiful and make me excited. I come again