Monday, December 22, 2008

my new favourite book

Every year (at least the last two years that I've been a member) the National Youth Council of Dominica holds a social activity around Christmas time and there is an exchange of gifts. Last year i got a peach dress shirt and a tie and although I like it alot I havent worn it yet, well havent had the occasion, saving it for something special and I hope it comes along before I leave the Earth.

So this year the social took place on Saturday past and I had spent the last few weeks trying to figure out what i would get the PRO (who shall remain nameless) and I finally got her something I know she would use being the eccentric, out-going person that she is.

Around the same time, a member kept asking me what I would buy for a man if I had gotten his name, she assured me that she only wanted advice and that she didnt have my name. Off course, I don't really know what I want so I could hard offer her much credible advice. I said the normal shirt, tie, watch but at the same time saying that I think that men recieve the same type of gifts all the time and that she should put more thought into her gift, that she did too.

So coming back to the gift exchange, this young lady stands up, pulls out a neatly wrapped gift and hands it to me, much to my surprise and says "I got you" and immediately I smile but think, I hope she didnt get me another shirt and tie, lol.

Actually, she got me a book my one of my favourite speakers, the most popular man in the world at this point in time, if you're a constant reader of my blog then you should know who he is (Check blog post: Yes, she got me a book by Barack Obama, in fact she got me his first book Dreams of My Father.

It's now my new favourite book, I was reading a self help book called The 17 Essential Qualities Of A Team Player by John C. Maxwell but I have now put it down to embrace Obama's book. I will pick it back up as soon as i am done with my new favourite book, which will not take me too long since I'm almost halfway done.

I am already scribbling notes in my notepad, I am an active reader, I can't just read for reading sake, I have to note the good quotes, things I think I can apply to myself but as soon as I am done, will give a review as only I can (i'm full of myself sometimes).

If this book is any good and from reading the first 50 pages, i can already see its promise then I will have no choice but add his other books (The Audacity of Hope, Change We Can Believe In and Barack Obama in his own Words) to my wishlist, I mainly read books from black authors and inspirational type books and looking forward to having a few more in my possession soon.


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