Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Christmas Message

It seems like everyone is writing a christmas message this year, well at least when I picked up the local paper (The New Chronicle), it was flooded with messages from pastors, priests, political leaders and even union leaders.
So I've decided to write my own Christmas Message this year although I am not too much of a fan of Christmas for various reasons which I will keep away from my blog. Okay, Okay, i will share a few of them: the commercialisation of the holiday (holy day) and the fact that i never got any gifts from Santa as a kid. Santa doesnt visit the Caribbean, well at least not where i live in Dominica.

Anyways, that's besides that point, I wrote a Christmas Message and although i didnt get a chance to send it to the newspaper houses (only two in Dominica, recently was three) I did manage to read it on Kairi FM radio during the National Youth Council radio program Know Your Country. But there were technical difficulties/upgrades so i didnt get to share it with all of Dominica neither did the internet users get to hear it. I guess they will try anything to get me from sending out my message, lol, just kidding.

So now here is my Christmas Message:

Dear All

This Christmas message isn't merely for the holiday season nor is it solely targeting one group in society but it is for every Dominican who cherishes our simple but proud way island lifestyle.

At a moment when we have spent almost a year celebrating our present journey there is still a long road ahead to travel if we are to reach the pinnacle of our development.

But there are obstacles that threaten the path we take and key among them is the increasing tensions, conflicts and violence among the population. Whilst people tend to cast blame at the youth, this is far more than just a youth issue. The current culture of violence is based on social distrust, suspicion, intolerance, injustice, hatred and our inability to interact constructively with our fellow man.

The youth constitute the richest wealth of this country and we should develop qualities of personal integrity, discipline, tolerance and open mindedness. Youth is characterized as a period of passions, emotions, activity and vigor but we must combine this enthusiasm with patience and tolerance.

The 2008 reunion year offered us a unique opportunity to reflect on our common destiny but understand that this destiny will only be achieved through a peaceful, tolerant society.

So this Christmas, in 2009 and beyond we should take a stand to collectively work toward peace and stamp out acts of violence in our country. We take this stand no only for ourselves but for thie present and future generations of Dominican citizens, of the young boys and girls yet to be born.

Peace be with you all.

The End

Well it's not the perfect Christmas message but then again I wasn't striving for perfection, I was only trying to get a point accross, the need for Dominicans to work towards a more tolerant society ready to work towards


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Terri said...

Delroy...you need to be President! Thanks for your power and positivity. Blessings for your work for the rest of the year and in 2009 and beyond.