Monday, December 1, 2008

Mentor youth from Dominica?

Message from Diane Corriette, Manager of Dominican.Diaspora website

You never know when inspiration will strike and while washing up yesterday I thought about all the expertise that is on this wonderful network and the best way to utilise that for free for the benefit of young adults.

So I thought about mentoring young people in Dominica aged 17-24.This would not be promising them anything - like money or a job - but just providing them with your expertise (for example if they wanted to run a business) or just to keep them motivated if they are working towards something.

As a member of the diaspora do you feel able to give your time and expertise to something like that?It would be run through a private site. Run by young people (with me overseeing it) and it would contain positive people from this DD network, living around the world making a difference to young people in Dominica.

Having said that there would be nothing wrong with making a difference to our young in the diaspora too.

Thoughts, suggestions, ideas are welcome. It seems a shame to have all this expertise on here and not to make the most of it!

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